In an interconnected world, enabling smart devices to communicate via mobile networks has become an increasingly high necessity. To address this, there are low-power and high-power SIM cards, which ensure constant and reliable connectivity, and offer high durability.

Wuarda's SIM cards are IoT cards, perfect for installation in all types of devices, with unlimited data depending on the type of installation, and compatible with 2G/3G/4G/5G networks and special IoT networks such as NB-IoT and LTE-M.

Until now, Wuarda had a tariff that could only be used for low consumption systems. However, a new tariff for high consumption systems is now available, which allows surveillance cameras with a SIM card or the incorporation of a SIM card with unlimited data for routers, among other options.

SIM cards high-consumption

High consumption plans for cards SIMs

To ensure compatibility with all systems, Wuarda offers a special data plan tailored for high-consumption systems such as on-board CCTV equipment and 4G/5G routers. With this plan, all connected equipment can be managed from a single platform, making them very easy to install and use. Simply include the devices you wish to connect, as they are pre-activated and will automatically activate upon detecting data consumption.

In addition, there is no need to worry about data consumption, as both Wuarda's low and high consumption plans have special unlimited data tariffs for each type of system.

Differences in usage between the low consumption tariff and the high consumption tariff

Wuarda SIMs are continuously monitored for security issues or misuse. For this reason, although both the high consumption tariff and the low consumption tariff have unlimited data for defined uses, there are some differences when using them.

  • Low consumption tariff: used for systems that do not need a large amount of data. In addition, when transmitting, they do not need excessive speeds, as small data packets are sent, and usually open communications for long periods of time. This plan is best suited for alarms, fire systems or access control devices with SIM communication, among others.
  • High consumption tariff: is suitable for systems that require higher transmission speeds and have lower latency, such as routers and CCTV systems, but without continuous video transmission. These systems send larger data packets and open and close the communication in shorter periods of time.
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SIM cards compatible with all networks

The SIM cards from Wuarda stand out from the competition due to their compatibility with all types of networks. In addition to being compatible with classic networks such as 2G/3G/4G, they are also compatible with the latest technologies such as 5G networks and special networks for IoT devices (LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) and NB-IoT technologies). This is an important development, as these technologies are increasingly used by more connected devices due to the advantages they offer, such as greater indoor or underground coverage, competitive pricing and low power consumption.

Management of all systems under one platform

The online SIM control platform of Wuarda is the tool from which you can manage and control all your devices. From this platform, available for computer and mobile, you can carry out different operations when the SIM is in operation, such as checking the location, activating/deactivating SMS and calls or viewing the consumption history.

  • Have multi-user access.
  • Know the connection status of the SIM cards purchased.
  • See which tariff is available (low or high consumption).
  • Activate or deactivate SMS or calls.
  • See on which device the card is installed.
  • See the location on the map.
  • View consumption history.
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Use cases: Which high-consumption systems can use this new data plan?

Thanks to the high consumption plans of Wuarda SIM cards, the possibilities for use in different types of devices are broader. It is now possible to add a SIM card with unlimited data for a 4G router, but also to have surveillance cameras with a SIM card to provide connectivity in remote or isolated locations. These are some examples of where high consumption SIM cards can be used:

  • Connected vehicles (cars and trucks): these are vehicles that use IoT SIM cards for navigation, telemetry, remote diagnostics and entertainment services.
  • Commercial drones: require such cards for real-time video transmission, remote control and data collection.
  • Video surveillance systems: surveillance cameras with SIM cards allow to complete CCTV systems that transmit video on a non-continuous basis in high definition for real-time monitoring.
  • Connected medical equipment: such as telemedicine and patient monitoring devices that send large amounts of health data to medical centres.
  • Fleet management systems: such systems use IoT SIMs for real-time tracking of vehicles, route optimisation and communication with drivers.

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