Moreover, Ajax has successfully integrated three connection technologies in one panel,combining the Wings and Jeweller's wireless protocol versatility with the reliability of Fibra wiring.

Ajax fibra wired system

Fibra, Ajax's new wiring system has arrived to revolutionize the wired alarm systems by increasing the security, the communication speed and the installation versatility. At first sight, the Fibra communication protocol may seem a bus connection using 4-thread wires to communicate with the detectors, but it is a bidirectional system that will not only transmit alarms, but also any kind of events such as MotionCam Jeweller images, anti-sabotage Tamper, information on the temperature and all kinds of details on events (date, time, user…).

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Ajax's hybrid alarm systems keep all the advantages of the wireless connection together with those of Fibra protocol. Some of the features of their powerful hybrid panels include:

  • 8 independent bus lines
  • Up to 100 devices, both wired and wireless
  • Up to 2000 meters communication range per bus
  • Sending events in 0.15 seconds
  • Optimized consumption: less than 60 µA

Versatility for any kind of installation

Thanks to the extra-low consumption of Fibra devices, up to 100 times less than any other wired detector in the market, it offers a great capacity to combine different types of connection topologies to adapt to any kind of installation. No additional configuration is needed, as it can add the devices automatically, and detects the type of connection topology used on each bus.

  • Bus Topology: On the same bus with up to 2000 meters range, devices are connected in a row to one another, and at the end, we find an end of line resistor.
  • Ring Topology: This kind of connection is automatically detected by the panel that keeps devices working with a cut in the bus.
  • security hybrid system
  • Star Topology: For installations with 4-8 detectors: each bus dedicated to a wired zone.
  • ajax wired system
  • Maximum Combination: You can also combine all the previous topologies with Ajax wired devices and connect Ajax wireless detectors or even third party detectors thanks to MultiTransmitter.
  • hybrid system ajax

Maximum security in your hybrid system

Ajax, on its ongoing growth, centers on the innovation and improvement of all its devices and protocols, always with the focus on preserving the security of its alarm systems. Some years ago, the emergence of Ajax with its radio-based system surprised the European market. With the brand-new Ajax Fibra, the manufacturer bolsters its unique position regarding intrusion systems, taking wired technology to a superior level.

The Ajax Fibra wired alarm is Level 2 EN 50131 certified, for professional installations and fast connection to CRA, without needing to configure additional settings.

Fibra’s Hub Hybrid panels support up to 3 different communication channels, Ethernet Connection and Dual SIM (2G or 4G models), to always keep the connection between the hub and Ajax cloud.

Thanks to a backup battery, it ensures that the Hub continues to work in case of power failure for up to two and a half days as Ajax detectors consume up to 100 times less than other wired brands in the market.

Morevoer, Fibra Ajax protocol has authentication against counterfeiting, thus avoiding the possibility to control the system with third party devices, and it instantly notifies in case of short circuits.

wired system hybrid

The best experience for users

The hybrid alarm system has completely inherited the same use experience as Ajax’s radio-based systems. Everything that is related to the event originated is displayed on the mobile App,available for Android and iOS, type, date, name of the detector and place and even images in case of using MotionCam photodetectors.This can be possible thanks to the fact that the system is bidirectional.

To facilitate the installation and usability of the Fibra system, Ajax’s mobile app has two tools:

  • Line Scanning
  • This feature automatically finds the devices connected to the Hub and adds them promptly, identifying them through the device’s LED or generating an alarm in said detector. With just one pair of touches, you have all the wired devices paired to the Hub.

  • Maximum load test

          It guarantees the correct functioning of the system in connection to the energy consumption, and
          it verifies that in an extreme use of energy, your system will continue working.

          Here we show you how to install a wired security system in 6 hours:

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