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Switches Distributors

Switches are network devices that interconnect all the devices in a network. The main contribution of a switch to any network infrastructure is increased connectivity.

There are many manufacturers of this type of devices and the ranges or series of switches usually have a large number of references, variants and features. For this reason it is essential to have the support of a suitable switch supplier to assist you during the process of choosing and acquiring equipment according to each end customer.

Types of professional switches

Switches can be grouped according to their connectivity or port type, the protocols they support or even the environment in which they can be used. In this case the classification is made based on their management:

  • Managed Switches: Those that offer a web, CLI or any other type of interface from which they can be configured.
  • Unmanaged Switches: These are Plug and Play, no specific configuration is required and they already have everything necessary to install them without having to parameterize them.

If you need to find the most suitable switch based on more criteria, within these categories there are many filters that allow you to find the switch with specific ports and protocols.

Visiotech: Switches Supplier in Europe

At Visiotech we offer a wide range of professional switches: these types of devices are prepared to support high network densities. The type of end customers that may require this technology are educational centers such as schools or universities, airports, hotel chains, public offices, etc.

Due to our experience as experts in networking and network technology, there are already many professionals who reach out to us looking for a switch distributor that can offer a good service in case of incidents, purchase advice and the best value for money.

You can contact our team of experts in professional switches if you have questions about this technology, or if you want to know what type of solution is best suited for your end customer.