Networking / Switches

Switches Distributors

Switches are the network devices in charge of interconnecting all of the devices on a network. The main contribution of a switch to any network infrastructure is the connectivity increase.

There are many manufacturers of these kinds of devices, and the ranges or series of switches tend to have a great amount of reference, variants and characteristics. Switches can be grouped based on its connectivity or kind of ports, based on protocols that support or even the scenario where they can be used. In this case, they are classified according to its management:

  • Manageable Switches: Those that offer web, CLI or any other kind of interface through which they can be configured.
  • Unmanaged Switches: These are Plug and Play, no specific configuration can be done, and they already have everything that is necessary to install them without setting them.

If it is necessary to find the right choice based on more criteria, within these categories there are many filters to easily find the switch with certain ports and protocols.