Smart Home / Fibaro

Fibaro is one of the best positioned manufacturers of Z-Wave based equipment. Visiotech, an official Fibaro distributor, has presence in Europe, North Africa and the UK, and offers a broad range of sensors, gateways, controllers and other modules. Remote monitoring and control, even if you are not at home, is simple when you have their Apps installed on your mobile device or PC. As well as being the defacto choice worldwide the Z-Wave protocol has another key advantage in the mesh network which is automatically created by the Z-Wave devices - this means that repeaters are not required as each device does this in addition to their other duties.

Fibaro’s products are fully integrated and compatible with those of other manufacturers, all Fibaro users can take advantage of a myriad of Z-Wave sensors, switches, remote controls and other devices available without experiencing incompatibility problems. Fibaro has products for controlling lights, electrical appliances (TV, Iron, Refrigerator, etc. thanks to our smart socket) and temperature control – also you can do all of this right from your mobile telephone. Fibaro has standard gateway’s along with a Lite version for installations of all budgets.