Networking distributors

Visiotech has renewed and broadened its networking devices portfolio to meet the demands of our clients. Networks are changing, and they are no longer just a support to connect devices, as they also add value to any infrastructure.

The number of connected devices that the networks must support is always increasing, which is why the network infrastructure needs to offer a better performance and efficiency. At the same time, more extensive networks may require more complexity in its configuration and deployment. To avoid this problem, it is essential to have network infrastructures that have self-organizing intelligence, as well as autonomy to respond to an incident.

The cloud platform feature has extended among all the network manufacturers, which represents a great advantage for end clients and systems integrators. Thanks to cloud platforms, the remote configuration and assistance is now possible in a much easier way, and it saves travel expenses and time.

Our portfolio of networking devices is divided into three lines:

  • Wireless Devices, for Wireless communications.
  • Switching devices to increase connectivity, with different management levels (L2, L2+ or L3).
  • Routing devices, which are the devices that join networks and route the traffic.