IP CCTV / Counting and Capacity Control

People Counting and Capacity Control Systems

In the field of CCTV technology, there are several products designed for capacity control and people counting within specific areas. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the detection and management of people counting, and dual lens cameras stand out as one of the most reliable solutions. Visiotech distributes cameras specifically designed for people counting, capable of detecting and tracking movements, allowing both capacity control and analysis of the direction of movement.

Advantages of people counting systems

  • Accuracy and reliability: Accuracy and reliability: People counting systems based on dual-lens cameras provide high accuracy when measuring a person's height in 3D. The reliability of these devices is essential for making decisions based on accurate data (we boast a proven accuracy of 98%).
  • Direction Identification: the people counting cameras distributed by Visiotech feature the ability to detect the direction of a person's movement. In this way, it not only registers the number of people entering, but also the number of people leaving a given area.
  • Real-time capacity control: the possibility of managing entry and exit data in real time is a highly demanded added value in capacity control systems. Visiotech has developed a highly versatile software that can handle metadata coming from multiple cameras at the same time, allowing a total capacity control in different accesses simultaneously.

Capacity control systems technology

A highly demanded added value is the ability to control the capacity of a certain place. This requires equipment with the necessary intelligence to manage the incoming and outgoing data, whether it comes from specific equipment for people counting or from the device itself. In this case, we offer a very versatile solution, in which we have developed a software that is able to manage the metadata originated by the people counting cameras and perform, even in conjunction with several cameras at the same time for different accesses, a complete control of capacity with no limitations. There are two types of capacity control systems: one room or multiple rooms. In both, when you have more than one entrance and exit door, you have to show the capacity at each door in real time. We have no limitation regarding this aspect, as we can show the capacity at each entrance. Also, in the case of multiple rooms, we can show independent and customized capacity for each of these rooms in addition to being able to show the general capacity of the entire general installation.