Counting and Capacity Control

There is a wide range of products that can be used for capacity control and counting people within a given area. Different technologies based on artificial intelligence are used to detect a person and managing the counting as well. The most reliable are the cameras with double lenses, which have the capacity to obtain 3D information to measure the height of a person and are able to apply the corresponding filters. Visiotech has specific cameras for counting people. These people-counting cameras have the ability to detect a person within an area and identify the direction of it, thus counting both entries and exits at an access to a certain place.

A highly demanded added value is to carry out a capacity control of a certain place. For this purpose, a unit with sufficient intelligence is needed to manage the entry and exit data, whether it comes from a unit exclusively for counting people or from the unit itself. In this case, we offer a very versatile solution, in which we have developed software that is capable of managing the metadata originating from the people-counting cameras and carry out, even in conjunction with several cameras at the same time for different accesses, a total capacity control.

Our capacity control systems exceed all limitations, giving multiple accesses to different doors in real time, easy equipment management, and real time notifications (both sound and visual). In addition, both our people counting cameras and capacity control systems offer the possibility of customizing company logos and notifications of the same equipment.