Reyee's smart networks for hotels: High-quality service and exceptional value for money.

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Are you still deploying your network with the same old manufacturers?

Ruijie/Reyee excels in meeting the demands of the Hospitality industry!

4 features that Reyee includes for hotel network optimization

Ruijie/Reyee equipment meets the expectations required for the Hospitality industry, being the world's third largest manufacturer of both Enterprise and SMB network equipment.

  • Smart Flow Control: Dynamic bandwidth allocation, by type of user and by type of application.
  • Captive portal: Easily set up captive portals hosted and governed by your own network equipment.
  • Seamless Roaming: Reyee has an exclusive and proprietary development called L3 Roaming.
  • Load balance: Establish groups following your own created rules to avoid saturation of the access points.
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Ruijie/Reyee hospitality industry success story

redes para hoteles

Pegasus Planet is a 5-star resort in Antalya. It had multiple connectivity and coverage issues and no centralized network management. In this case, a Ruijie network infrastructure including almost 1000 APs + Core and Access Electronics was deployed.

This type of architecture enables network management from a single #RujieCloud console with optimal coverage throughout the complex and provides the best results:

  • Each room is equipped with AC Wave2 Wi-Fi.
  • RG-AP130(L) usage planning for IP-TV, designed for future needs.
  • Wi-Fi Central Management with extended VAC RG-WS6008 also offers redundancy.
  • Wall-mounted access points occupy half a license, resulting in an affordable solution.
  • The RG-WS range integrated with WIS, provides secure Wi-Fi connectivity, troubleshooting and AI-based client migration.

Devices used in this scenario:

    • 1 X RG-S5750-24SFP/8GT-E
    • 40 X RG-XS-S196-10GT2SFP-PH
    • 3 x RG-WS6008
    • 881 x RG-AP130(w2)
    • 32 x RG-AP840-I
    • 30 x RG-AP680(CD)
    • WIS

From modest accommodations to luxury hotel chains: everyone has a place in the Ruijie/Reyee Hospitality vertical

A rural lodging with 3 rooms? A 30-room hotel in the city? A 600-room resort in several buildings? Ruijie/Reyee is your solution for the different Hospitality scenarios.

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