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Hikvision Access Control Systems for identification and access management

Access control systems in buildings, offices, and industrial settings have become increasingly popular for security solutions in recent years. These systems are prevalent in various facilities, all sharing a common goal: the regulation and restriction of access for individuals.

Among the options available on the market, Hikvision access control systems are presented as a perfect alternative to carry out a high precision control with the best technology.

Hikvision access control solutions available at Visiotech

Among the Hikvision access control solutions available in our catalog, you will find a range of devices designed to seamlessly adapt to the needs of any type of installation:

  • Controllers: the core of the system, they centralize the management and administration of access to buildings or specific areas. Hikvision controllers facilitate communication with other devices and are pivotal in verifying information, determining whether to grant or deny access. This integration capability extends to a diverse range of readers, providing installers with enhanced flexibility to tailor the system to the specific requirements of each client.
  • Readers: With Hikvision's cutting-edge technology, its access readers are equipped with highly accurate sensors and advanced verification systems, ensuring a secure and reliable access control system. They support multiple access methods, including RFID card options such as EM 125 kHz, MF 13.56 MHz, or MF DESFire 13.56 MHz, as well as PIN and fingerprint technology. Additionally, they are suitable for installation in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Stand-alone terminals: combining the controller and the reader, these terminal can work independently to function even in situations where connectivity is limited or absent, or where it is difficult to deploy wired installations. This feature is very important in settings that require continuous and secure access control, such as companies with flexible working hours or remote areas where connectivity may fail. Hikvision's standalone access control terminals feature multiple biometric control methods, such as fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, RFID card or PIN.
  • Accessories: To complete any access control system, Hikvision offers a wide range of accessories. USB card readers, fingerprint and face enrollers, brackets for different types of installation or peripheral modules, among others, are available.

Security convergence of Hikvision systems

For a fully integrated security system, Hikvision offers solutions that combine the management of CCTV, access control, video intercoms and alarm systems under the same software. This convergence provides a global vision of the security of a space or facility, strengthening the system and facilitating a faster and more coordinated response to any situation.

Thanks to its wide range of devices, as well as the implementation of innovative technologies and the convergence of systems, Hikvision access control devices offer greater efficiency and security. Their installation will help to reduce the time it takes to verify a person and reduce possible unwanted intrusions, forgery, or identity theft.

Get Expert Guidance for Installing the best access control system

If you are interested in installing Hikvision access control systems for your customers, Visiotech will provide you with support and assistance in order to choose the best equipment for each case. Contact our team of professionals, and we will address any queries you may have.