Ajax’s NVR is a CCTV recorder that supports the integration of Ajax’s intrusion system, thus providing a full professional video surveillance system. This will therefore allow the end customer to manage all their CCTV (real-time viewing, access to recordings, motion detection, video scenarios, etc.) from the same Ajax application they already use for intrusion.


Ajax NVRs: video surveillance with the best protection

As an NVR designed from scratch by Ajax, it includes the same revolutionary changes that this manufacturer has already provided in Intrusion: an amazingly simple installation, a beautifully thoughtful and lightweight design, a truly innovative user experience from the application and additional innovative security systems.

Finally, the NVR allows full and seamless integration with cameras from other manufacturers (Uniview, Safire, Hikvision, etc.) via ONVIF and RTSP.

  • 2 models available, with 8 and 16 channels
  • Hard disk storage up to 16 TB
  • Continuous, motion or scenario detection
  • Resolution up to 4K
  • Compression formats: H264 and H265
  • Up to 100 Mbps bandwidth

JETSPARROW: the innovative video processing technology designed by Ajax

As it did with Jeweller (wireless intrusion) or Fibra (wired intrusion), Ajax has developed a new technology, called JetSparrow, for the transmission, storage and management of video through its NVR.

JetSparrow enables ultra-fast browsing of the entire video repository in real time, supported by P2P streaming, TLS security encryption and high stability. Furthermore, thanks to this technology it is possible to create video scenarios to visually verify any alarm.

  • P2P transmission
  • TLS encryption
  • High stability
AJAX grabador cctv NVR

Multiple advanced features that make a difference

Ajax’s NVR is not only designed for exceptional performance, but it also enables an unrivalled user experience and additional innovative security measures. This is a remarkable improvement that both end customers and professional installers will enjoy.

  • NVR IP configuration via Bluetooth
  • Search for cameras connected to the local network
  • Live view and quick access
  • Viewing of recordings and differentiation of events
  • Filtering of events detected by cameras
  • Direct download of videos
  • Instant notifications of faults and alarms

Watch the video to learn more about the features and functions of AJAX NVR

Standalone NVR, no hub needed!

With the AJAX NVR you will be able to view your cameras and recorders in your application without the need for a hub in the installation. The P2P transmission and TLS encryption offers maximum security to your recorder, allowing access to view the cameras from anywhere in the world.

Automatic search for network cameras

Compatibility with the ONVIF protocol means that the AJAX NVR can integrate all brands on the market. Ajax’s App will show you which cameras are currently connected to the network, and you can add them quickly and easily by simply entering your username and password.

Motion detection and downloading of recordings to your smartphone

The advanced motion detection of the cameras allows a more precise filtering of the target to be detected, eliminating alarms of no interest from our scene (rain, vegetation moving due to wind or pets). This motion detection is received by the AJAX NVR and each event is recorded and can be downloaded on demand when needed.

See our catalogue or contact our sales department for more information on the AJAX CCTV range.

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