Video-intercoms / Akuvox

Visiotech, official distributor of Akuvox and their video intercoms

Akuvox is a leading manufacturer of video intercoms with full cloud-based configuration. As pioneers in this type of systems, Akuvox has a wide portfolio of products and solutions, including IP video intercoms with access control, temporary access codes and an intuitive and user-friendly mobile App.

As an official distributor of Akuvox, Visiotech offers solutions and products that improve access control to all types of facilities, whether companies, industries, homes, or residential areas.

Akuvox, frontrunners in the development of video intercoms

Akuvox is constantly working on the development of improvements and new solutions for all types of industries and spaces. Therefore, they have solutions that include artificial intelligence or the SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol) compatible with any PBX, as well as the powerful Akuvox cloud that allows you to manage, configure and update the equipment remotely.

On the other hand, its devices support different types of identification. It is no longer necessary to use the physical key to access the door, but it is possible to identify and access by key fob or RFID card, Bluetooth or NFC. In addition, Akuvox video intercoms are PoE and 2-wire, which makes the power supply and connection of devices easier.

Thanks to these features and in line with its goal of offering a wide range of increasingly innovative solutions, Akuvox products can respond to different market needs and provide customized solutions, improving efficiency and productivity of those spaces in which they are present.

What Akuvox products can you find at Visiotech?

Visiotech's catalog has a wide range of solutions and products from Akuvox that can be integrated into a variety of installations and projects. Among the range of products available, you can find:

  • Video intercom kits: sets that include everything necessary for the installation of single-family homes, with connection of monitor and panels through Cloud.
  • Monitors for video intercoms: they are essential to see and respond quickly and easily to visitors. They are Android monitors that allow the installation of Apps for security, Smart Home and home automation. Also, Akuvox monitors have touch screen and high-quality audio and image.
  • Panels: the wide range of Akuvox video intercoms covers the needs of different installations. Among its products available, we can find surface mounted IP video intercoms, IP video intercoms with access control, IK10 or IK08 vandal-resistant video intercoms or 2-wire video intercoms.
  • Access: to ensure a more secure access to the facilities, devices such as RFID, facial or card access controllers can also be installed.
  • Emergency intercoms: they are perfect for spaces such as parking lots, shopping malls or unattended gas stations, for example. This Akuvox solution allows fast and direct communication from the point where it is installed with the control station to respond to any emergency call quickly and efficiently.
  • Accesories: to adapt this equipment to each installation, a wide variety of accessories are available, such as brackets for video intercoms, visors to protect the equipment from rain or junction boxes.

Where can you install Akuvox solutions?

Akuvox products and solutions are so versatile that they can be installed in a multitude of spaces to cover all types of communication and access needs:

  • Neighborhood communities
  • Holiday and rental homes
  • Businesses and stores
  • Hospitals and assisted care centers
  • Elderly residences
  • Public spaces
  • Real Estate (residential, comercial and industrial)

If you are interested in installing Akuvox solutions in this type of space or others, contact our sales team. They will provide you with personalized advice and the best solution for each type of installation.