Distributors of Video-Intercoms

Visiotech has a wide range of video intercoms, both two-wire and Ethernet cable connected. These video intercoms are based on IP technology so they have advanced features such as connection to the App to notify calls, viewing security cameras through your monitor or controlling all video intercoms from a management software.

One of the main features is its connection to the cloud through the App. Both the 2 and IP video door entry systems have this functionality. After installation, it will be as simple as connecting the monitor via WiFi to the Internet and scanning a QR code to enable push notification calls, two-way audio and remote opening.

There are several solutions. The single-family video intercom entry solution consists of an external panel and an internal monitor, from which more slave monitors can be added, to satisfy any customer with larger houses or those who want to install a video intercom entry system in an office.

As for residential buildings, there are video intercom entry systems with modular panels that can be adapted to any type of installation, since the external panel can be customized with different modules, such as display screen, information modules, keypad or card reader, among others.

Visiotech, as a distributor of video intercoms with connection to the App has a wide variety of models that allow different ways of opening, giving versatility to the customer in terms of access mode that can have in your home or business. The most important ones are:

  • Facial recognition entry
  • QR code reader entry
  • Card or key ring with 13.56MHz MF high-frequency technology
  • Pin code access
  • Opening through the Safire Connect App

Types of power supply in Video door entry systems

There are different ways of powering the video door entry systems. Normally in new housing, IP technology is used with power over Ethernet cable with PoE standard. However, when the video door entry system is used as a replacement for the old telephone, the 2 wire technology is often used. Based on this, the following stand out:

  • Connection to 4 threads or 2 threads: Better known as analog video door phones, they have 4 wires or 2 wires that go from the board to the monitor and from this to the power supply. They are analog systems, without internet connection or special functions, a simple video door phone.
  • Video door entry power supply by 2 wires: These are IP-based systems but with the power supply of conventional analog video door phones, the already installed cable is recycled and fed through a Hub that gives them enough power to support all the features of a video door phone connected to an App. There are already some video door phones of 2 wires without hub or distributor, since they have it integrated in the monitor.
  • PoE video door phone power supply: New home video door entry systems are installed with standard PoE switches, which supply power to both the video door entry panels and the monitors in each home via Ethernet cable. These monitors additionally have WiFi to have a video door entry system connected to the App without having an internet quota in the community of neighbors.