Access Controls / Turnstiles

Visiotech, distributor of access control systems incorporates the most economical range of access control turnstiles on the market. These turnstiles can be integrated with third party systems, as they have a turnstile control panel to which any relay input can be connected; from an access control terminal to a capacity control terminal.

The range includes a motorized gate, a turnstile with a tripod arm and a motorized aisle. These are two-way entry and exit turnstiles, where different operating modes can be configured: free entry and exit, restricted entry and exit by access control, restricted entry and free exit. Next to that, there are essential functions to provide the installations with greater security: fall of the turnstile in the event of a power cut, opening in the event of a fire, configuration of opening time and LED indicator when passing.

In addition to all of this, the motorized gates and motorized passageways have a management board with a display and a menu in which to configure the access control functions, as well as the anti-tampering system that works through the photosensitive cells. These access control turnstiles are made of robust SUS304 stainless steel and have universal covers into which an access control can be easily integrated.

From this distributor of turnstiles, it is possible to select an access turnstile at the most competitive price with high quality and a variety of models that adapt to any installation, from a simple passageway to a specific turnstile for the disabled.