It is becoming more and more common to hear the word Artificial Intelligence in our lives, but what benefits can artificial intelligence offer us in the world of security and video surveillance?

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0

Artificial intelligence in this sector is mainly focused on intelligent video analysis, with the ability to detect classifications of interest such as humans, vehicles, objects or behavioral analysis. In addition, it can be used in the surveillance industry for perimeter protection thanks to the detection of humans and vehicles.

What is Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0?

Hikvision revolutionizes motion detection with Motion Detection 2.0, a new solution that incorporates an artificial intelligence algorithm based on Deep learning used to classify humans and vehicles, distinguishing them from other moving objects that may appear in the scene, considerably reducing false alarms in an installation. Reducing false alarms caused by animals, leaves or adverse weather conditions allows business and homeowners to rely on this type of technology to counteract real threats.

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0 technology: How does it work?

Hikvision's Motion Detection 2.0 technology helps classify human and vehicle detections, making it easy for users to quickly and accurately search for video footage.

Hikvision's Deep learning algorithm is applied in specialized laboratories for many hours. This type of algorithm can identify three categories of targets: Human, Vehicle and others. These detections will not only be saved in a storage device such as the camera itself or the recorder, but will also alert the end user in real time through a notification in the Hik-Connect smartphone application.

Motion Detection 2.0

What are the advantages of Hikvision's Motion Detection 2. technology?

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0

How to search for human and vehicle events? 

Video clips recorded by cameras with Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0 technology are classified according to what generated the detection. This is why two types of file storage are created, one for humans and one for vehicles. This allows home and business owners to select the category they are interested in filtering, and quickly locate the desired instant for viewing. These events can be searched from both Hikvision's IVMS-4200 PC software and from the recorder itself. 

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0

Where can I use Hikvision's Motion Detection 2.0 technology? 

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0

Hikvision Technologies Compared

Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0 Hikvision Motion Detection 2.0

In short, thanks to the incorporation of Hikvision's new Motion Detection 2.0 technology, it is possible to classify human and vehicle detections, making it easier for the user to quickly and accurately search for video over recordings.

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