Key developments in reyee's new wireless bridges

  • Wider range: these wireless bridges can reach environments up to 15 km away. Three times more than the range of wireless bridges.
  • More powerful bandwidth: the new devices achieve speeds of up to 867 Mbps at 5 Ghz.
  • Support for more than 30 devices: with a single device we can serve up to 32 customers/subscribers.
  • Improved safety in adverse weather conditions: all units are equipped with electrostatic and lightning protection. It also includes outdoor protection (from IP65 to IP54) and withstands winds of up to 220 km/h.
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With this catalogue update, Reyee includes sectorial and omni-directional antennas to cover all scenarios. The configuration of the new Reyee wireless bridges is done in seconds and can be managed for free from the Ruijie Cloud.

More stable and powerful Point-to-Point (PTP) Wireless Bridges

Point-to-point wireless bridges, with which a client device receives the signal from a base station, are used when connectivity is needed in a remote location to be served by a wireless link.

Ruijie/Reyee launches transmitter and receiver equipment for Point-to-Point wireless bridges offering up to 15 km of communication between 2 points.

These devices use 20 and 40 MHz channel widths to avoid interference. They are ideal for scenarios where connectivity to a single remote point is intended.

Some common use cases:

  • Communicating several sites of a company within a 15km perimeter.
  • Provide connectivity to a remote device (CCTV cameras installed on farms, livestock farms, business parks, etc.).
  • Trunk link to distribute bandwidth to a connectivity splitter (e.g. WISP rural internet providers).
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Point-to-MultiPoint Wireless Bridges (PTMP) with capacity of up to 32 subscribers

When it is necessary to extend connectivity from a transmitting point to different receivers, a point-to-multipoint radio link or PTMP is used.

Ruijie/Reyee's portfolio includes new transmitters and receivers for Point-to-MultiPoint wireless bridges capable of establishing up to 32 simultaneous connections to client/subscriber devices.

One of the most valued features of this equipment by installers is the automatic linking (it is only necessary to press a button to establish the link).

Some common use cases:

  • Communication from headquarters to multiple remote subsidiaries.
  • Solar farms with a single point of connectivity.
  • Perimeter CCTV environments that need to cover remote areas with connectivity.
  • Rural internet operators who want to reach multiple remote areas (WISP).

Visiotech: distributor of top quality wireless bridges

At Visiotech we have a wide range of wireless bridges: whatever type of project you wish to carry out, our networking solutions are up to the task. Contact our sales team to clarify your doubts or ask for assistance.

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