IP CCTV / IP solutions

IP Solutions: advanced technology for comprehensive security

At Visiotech, as specialized distributors of IP and CCTV solutions, we offer a wide variety of cameras and devices designed to support all types of projects.

IP solutions for traffic management and control

The implementation of IP traffic management solutions has now transformed the control and monitoring of mobility and road infrastructure in cities. These systems make it possible to safeguard people's safety by detecting violations, incidents and other traffic issues.

These IP solutions are used to create road control and supervision networks. Through the strategic installation of smart cameras in key points of the city, local authorities can benefit from a wide range of functions, such as identifying license plates of vehicles involved in traffic violations. It also provides real-time data on traffic flow, such as average speed and vehicle volume in specific areas.

IP solutions for perimeter protection

IP solutions for perimeter protection set up an effective line of defense by detecting critical targets and sending instant alerts. In addition, they deter intruders using different types of technology (thermal, radar and video analytics systems from leading brands), providing advanced security and immediate response to any threat.

IP solutions for essential infrastructure

The term essential infrastructure refers to all those strategic physical facilities that provide essential services in areas such as health, telecommunications, power plants, supply and distribution, among others. These facilities play a fundamental role in the daily functioning and welfare of society.

IP solutions for essential infrastructure offered in our catalogue are sold upon request or through the assistance of our projects department.

IP solutions for autonomous power supply systems

Visiotech offers IP solutions focused on surveillance systems with autonomous power supply in areas with no human supervision (plots in the countryside, industrial areas, warehouses in a large rural territory, etc.).

These are autonomous power supply systems, with solar panels and batteries to supply power to cameras in places with no energy infrastructure.

IP solutions for retail

IP solutions for retail consist of a set of technologies that include people counting, facial recognition and the interconnection of multiple devices. These tools provide accurate data on customer traffic, improve security, and deliver a personalized and efficient in-store experience.

IP Solutions for Smart Cities, public safety and mobility

Smart Cities, through the integration of advanced technologies, improve the quality of life of their inhabitants and optimize the management of resources, promoting greater energy efficiency, smart mobility and better urban planning.

At Visiotech we offer software and devices that enable the cross-referencing of data from license plate readers or environmental sensors, motorized cameras, gateways, smart pushbuttons, magnetic contacts and all that is necessary for any project related to public safety, mobility and Smart Cities.

Our team can provide assistance for all your IP solutions

Visiotech's Projects department is a technical and commercial department specially focused on attending advanced customer requests. We always provide the best technical solution at the most competitive price.

Our team comprises 13 senior professionals, including 5 technicians, who collectively possess over 300 years of experience in relevant positions. For further information on our IP solutions, please feel free to contact us.

Visiotech adds value with software development

Visiotech brings additional value to its customers with software development:

  • Traffic management
  • Parking entry and exit control
  • Capacity Control
  • Access Control
  • Facial recognition systems