Analogue CCTV

CCTV Distributors

Visiotech, leading CCTV distributor, offers an extensive catalogue of surveillance cameras and recorders; from conventional to professional systems, featuring advanced artificial intelligence. Among our renowned brands, such as Safire, X-Security, Uniview, Hikvision or Nivian, you can choose a wide range of devices for different applications such as general video coverage, perimeter videosurveillance, with alarm filters that can classify objects into humans or vehicles, or facial recognition.

The videosurveillance system offers live view, allowing the user to know about what is happening in any corner of its installation, anywhere in the world. Also, every videosurveillance system can record images captured by cameras, for its later analysis, to clarify the events that may have taken place in its installation. All in all, a CCTV videosurveillance system increases the security of its assets and gathers evidence that can be used in judicial processes.

A CCTV system consists of two elements, mainly: cameras and recorders. Both devices are interconnected through coaxial cables.

When talking about analogue videosurveillance, there are many brands with remarkable reputation, sucha as the ones offered at Visiotech, as leader of CCTV distribution: among others, Safire, X-Security, Uniview, Hikvision or Nivian. These brands have vast experience in the market, as well as a wide range of products that can adapt to any kind of installation. From a simple, basic videosurveillance system that controls the storage room of a store, up to solutions to complete a security project in a building.