Intrusion / Ajax Wireless

Visiotech: Official AJAX Distributor

AJAX Systems, leader in intrusion systems, is one of the largest manufacturers of wireless security systems, standing out for the quality, innovation and design of their products.

At Visiotech, official AJAX distributor in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, we offer the full range of AJAX products, the professional alarm system that is revolutionizing Europe.

AJAX, most innovative and economical wireless security system

In its determination to combine the best design with the latest technology, the AJAX wireless security system is characterized by its elegance, attention to detail and reliability, making it a professional system that is also user-friendly.

The AJAX wireless security system reaches the same level as wired alarm systems in terms of device monitoring. Ajax devices communicate through the proprietary Jeweller protocol, which provides high reliability to the entire system due to the two-way connection (Ethernet and GPRS) and the optimization of the battery of the devices.

Main advantages of AJAX Alarm Systems

  • Connection with Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC): thanks to the Grade 2 Certification of its main devices, AJAX Systems can be connected to Alarm Receiving Centers.
  • Integration with video surveillance cameras: to complete this wireless security system, the alarms support the integration of IP video surveillance cameras and live viewing through AJAX mobile apps.
  • App for installers: We understand how important it is for installers to have tools that make their work easier. As distributors of AJAX alarms, we always emphasize the importance of Ajax PRO: Tool For Engineers, the AJAX app developedd exclusively for installers. This App can store a large number of Hubs (central panel), enabling quick access to their configurations. There is also a user App available, Ajax Security System, for Android and iOS as well as its web version, with which it is possible to always have access to the security system from a cell phone or Tablet.

Why have an Ajax distributor?

With Visiotech as your official AJAX distributor, you can count on having the best products at the most competitive prices, always with a personalized pre-sales and post-sales assistance and support service.

In addition, we will offer you a complete and updated catalog of AJAX products, from alarm kits to PIR detectors, magnetic contacts, indoor and outdoor sirens, panic buttons and keypads, range extenders and more.