Road safety and the driving experience have made significant progress since the first driver assistance systems became standard in vehicles. Today, regulations require the inclusion of certain systems in new vehicle approvals, but all of them represent a leap forward in reducing the number and severity of road accidents.

Road safety is also a constant concern in the field of passenger and goods transport, as well as heavy goods vehicle driving.

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News of tragic events, where a heavy goods vehicle has been responsible for several fatalities due to the conditions of the vehicle, has increased the concern to improve and include driver assistance technologies in trucks and other heavy goods vehicles.

In this regard, the incorporation of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way in which road safety is approached. At Visiotech, as a leading technology distributor in Europe, we know that cameras for trucks and heavy vehicles, equipped with AI and technologies such as ADAS, DSM, and BSD/BSIS, can significantly reduce accident rates and prevent accidents among professional drivers.

Artificial Intelligence: an ally in road safety

Cameras for trucks and heavy vehicles have evolved considerably thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence. This technology allows the cameras to process information in real time and make autonomous decisions to prevent risky situations. Using advanced AI algorithms, these cameras can identify driver behaviour patterns, detect possible distractions, or fatigue, and alert the driver in case of imminent danger.

All modern vehicles leave the factory equipped with road safety systems. However, for vehicles lacking these built-in features, independent systems can be installed. While these systems don't directly intervene with the vehicle's functions, they serve to alert drivers and fleet managers of various potential incidents that may occur while on the road.

cameras for trucks

ADAS: Advanced Driving Assistance

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are one of the key technologies that are integrated into heavy-duty vehicle cameras. These systems use sensors and cameras to constantly monitor the vehicle's environment and assist the driver in decision making. Features such as emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and lane keeping assistance contribute significantly to accident prevention and road accident reduction.

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ADAS - Advanced driver assistance systems

  • FCW - Forward Collision Warning
  • PCW - Pedestrian Collision Warning
  • LDW - Lane Departure Warning
  • HMW - Headway Monitoring Warning

DMS- Driver Monitoring System

  • Phone Call
  • Seat Belt
  • Fatigue
  • Smoking
  • Distraction
  • Driver Verification
cameras for trucks

for BSD: moving object detection system

The Moving Object Detection (BSD) system is a technology that complements Blind Spot Detection by alerting the driver to the presence of moving objects in the vicinity of the vehicle. Using cameras and sensors, BSD can detect vehicles, pedestrians, or other moving objects and alert the driver to avoid potential collisions. This function is especially useful in urban or dense traffic environments, where visibility may be limited.

BSIS blind spot detection is another essential technology that is integrated into cameras for trucks and HGVs. This feature uses cameras and sensors to detect the presence of other vehicles in the driver's blind spots and alert the driver, using visual or audible signals. BSIS is especially important in heavy-duty vehicles, where blind spots can be wider and pose a significant risk during lane-changing or overtaking manoeuvres.

Visiotech: experts in cameras and transport security

In short, cameras for trucks and heavy vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence and technologies such as ADAS, DSM, and BSD are playing a crucial role in reducing accident rates and preventing accidents among professional drivers. At Visiotech, we remain committed to technological innovation and road safety, providing advanced solutions that improve efficiency and safety in freight transport.

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cameras for trucks

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