Smart Home

The Smart Home concept has overtaken the traditional home automation field almost completely, by applying the latest technology and creating autonomous solutions everything is now more efficient and intuitive than before. Thanks to the Smart Home system all aspects of our everyday environments can be easily controlled: temperature at home, security camera images, HVAC and illumination levels. All is possible thanks to a series of sensors which are all centrally connected then accessible, wirelessly, from your mobile devices. The Smart Home approach allows for hugely flexible installations and the development of software applications previously unimagined in typical home automation systems.

Smart Home doesn’t stop at just controlling all domestic systems but can also act as an efficient, low cost, quality security system. Smart Home inform you who enters your residence and when they entered thanks to “push” notifications received on your mobile device so you are, almost instantly, in the know about what is happening inside your home. The control and monitoring systems offered by Smart Home create benefits such as low energy consumption and 100% cable free installation, both of which can be easily translated into economic advantages. Smart Home intelligently creates an optimised, secure, environment inside your home.