Intrusion / Wired Detectors

Wired detectors: an essential element in intrusion systems

Wired detectors are devices used in security systems to detect any unauthorized access attempt in a space or facility. For this reason, they are essential for the protection of businesses, offices, homes and other buildings.

Main advantages of using these intrusion detectors

The main advantage of wired detectors is their connection. These intrusion detectors are physically connected by cables to an alarm center. This ensures stable and secure communication, as well as constant and accurate transmission of alarm signals, avoiding interference and providing optimal response.

In addition, wired detectors are less prone to external interference, such as radio signals or electronic devices. This resistance ensures more accurate detection and reduces the possibility of false alarms.

What technology is used in these types of detectors?

  • Passive infrared (PIR) sensors: sensors monitor temperature changes in a room caused by the presence of a person or moving object, and based on that, they send an alarm signal. They can cover a three-dimensional area (volumetric PIR detectors) or a more specific one (curtain-type PIR detectors).
  • Long-range laser technology: Intrusion detectors with this technology generate a highly concentrated, long-range beam of laser light, which is interrupted when an object or person crosses it. It then reflects some of the energy back to a receiver, which detects the change in the intensity of the reflected light and recognizes it as an intrusion.
  • Magnasphere technology: This technology uses magnetic spheres to create a magnetic field that detects changes in the environment. They are highly sensitive and capable of detecting even the smallest changes in the magnetic field. This makes them very effective for detecting intrusions in doors and windows, as well as for protecting perimeters and sensitive areas.
  • Reed Technology: this technology is used in magnetic contacts, featuring a switch that acts as a sensor. It identifies if a door or window is open or closed based on whether the magnet approaches the switch and the metal contacts are engaged or not. When a door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the switch, interrupting the connection of the contacts and sending an alarm signal or notification. This technology stands out for its simplicity and low power consumption.

Main brands of intrusion detectors and accessories that you will find in our catalogue:

  • Duevi
  • GJD
  • TSEC
  • FDP
  • Xtralis

You can find different types of wired detectors within these brands to enhance the security of any space. Depending on your needs, you can choose between outdoor PIR curtain and microwave detectors, volumetric PIR or double PIR detectors, anti-masking and pet immune intrusion detectors, low power consumption outdoor detectors or magnetic contacts to detect the opening of doors or windows.

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