Safire Smart is the fastest growing manufacturer among new installers

Safire Smart is consolidating its position in the market, confirming its place as the manufacturer that has integrated the most new installers in its system. Safire Smart is now present in more than 45 countries!

Advantages of Safire Smart CCTV

What can Safire Smart offer you?

Seize the exclusivity of Safire Smart’s advantages and stand out from other installers:

  • World's leading brand in CCTV
  • Controlled distribution channel
  • Fewer intermediaries, better prices
  • Direct contact with the manufacturer
  • Full residential and professional range
  • Stock on hand and fast delivery
  • 5-year warranty
  • Cutting-edge technological innovations

Business benefits of offering Safire Smart to your end-customer

  • Product customization for cameras and recorders: Include your logo or the logo of your end customer and stand out from your competitors by offering a 100% personalized service.
  • Customize CCTV Customize CCTV Cameras and Recorders
  • Control of the online sales channel: Prices published online are monitored to ensure that distributor and installer margins are respected.
  • Single range for multiple solutions: Offer tailored solutions to your customers without sacrificing the simplicity of installation and reliability of Safire Smart devices.
  • Customize CCTV Cameras and Recorders

5 technical advantages of Safire Smart cameras

Safire Smart offers full remote device maintenance, as well as an easy installation thanks to Plug & Play technology. It is also NDAA and GDPR compliant and includes advanced artificial intelligence functionalities.

  • Multiple advantages over other manufacturers:
    • Easy installation: PLUG and PLAY
    • Full remote maintenance
    • NDAA, GDPR Cybersecurity
    • Artificial intelligence in all ranges
    CCTV Advantages
  • Easy-to-configure Cameras with artificial intelligence: The easy-to-configure AI cameras represent a major innovation in the field of security and surveillance.
  • CCTV Advantages
  • P2p: Configuration without opening ports: Say goodbye to inefficient port opening processes and enjoy the simplicity of remote configuration Safire Smart offers for your CCTV installations.
  • CCTV Advantages
  • Compatibility with all major browsers: Thanks to Safire Smart's versatility, you can access the configuration of the devices on any browser.
  • Same nvr menu and web server: The interface displayed on the recorder's HDMI and the one displayed on a computer is the same, so it is remarkably easy to operate the devices.
CCTV Advantages

Visiotech: Supplier of Safire Smart Products

We have the largest stock of Safire Smart products in Spain and Europe. We ship in 24-48h. If you have any queries regarding this technology or your order do not hesitate to contact us.


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