Networking / Wireless

Wireless Distributors

In the Wireless section we find those devices that have a wireless interface, or that participate in a wireless network infrastructure. In this section we find different sub-categories:

  • Access Points: those devices that can turn a cabled connection to a wireless or WLAN connection. In contrast to a router, Access Points usually work in Layer 2 of the model TCP/IP, this why it can be said that these devices are more basic than routers.
  • Access Point Controllers: These devices offer centralized management systems from which we can configure great amounts of Access Points simultaneously.
  • Wireless Bridges: These devices let us perform long-distance wireless communications. These communications can be to link two points (PtP) or to link a point with many (PtMP).
  • Accessories: In this category there can be found devices such as repeaters, Mesh systems or PoE injectors.

Within each subcategory there are many filters to easily and quickly find the right device.