SOHO WiFi – for SMEs and Homes

SOHO WiFi (Smart Office, Home Office) refers to network equipment designed for home or small office use. Apart from its affordability, it offers a high level of professional quality, so this simple management equipment is the preferred choice for installers in small businesses and residential settings.

wifi soho para oficinas y pymes

More specifically, SOHO WiFi indicates the category and the wireless equipment of this category, which seeks simple management and a functionality that solves the common issues in these settings (e.g. limited coverage in a home, the ability to create multiple networks, have a guest network, optimize the gaming network, parental control, etc.).

Reyee offers the most competitive product portfolio in the market

Reyee offers solutions for all types of home or small office problems in the network environment at a truly breakthrough price. It has superior performance to its competitors in the same range thanks to Reyee Mesh technology and its proprietary Roaming technology.

Top products most valued by installers

  • RG-EW1200R Entry level, VERY competitive price, 1 button configuration, cloud management and WiFi 5
  • RG-1200G-PRO Entry level, VERY competitive price, 1-button configuration, cloud management and WiFi 5 ac 1200
  • RG-M18 pack VERY competitive price, 1-button configuration, cloud management and WiFi 5 ac 1200
  • RG-M32 pack Competitive price, 1-button configuration, cloud management, WiFi 6 ax3200 and state-of-the-art design. Ideal for extending the signal without losing speed
  • RG-EW3200GX-PRO Unmatched power at a very competitive price, 1-button configuration and cloud management. WiFi 6 ax 3200, superior performance to other brands with a lower price and is the Red Dot Design award winning device.
reyee soho

What type of end customer can benefit from this technology?

All equipment has the option of configuration for Wisp environments, in addition to having the option of acquiring the equipment configured with your logo through Visiotech.

  • Rural accommodation with a reduced number of rooms
  • Tourist apartments.
  • Domestic gaming setting.
  • Large houses (chalet type) with several floors.
  • Small office.
  • Coworking setting.
  • Vacation rental accommodations such as Airbnb.
  • Residential areas with poor coverage.
  • Small co-working offices.

What is Reyee Mesh and how does it work?

Reyee Mesh is a proprietary technology that creates a unified network with several transmitters, communicating wirelessly without the need to use cable at each point of the installation. It can be easily configured with a single button and increases performance compared to other brands, also improving coverage by 20% compared to the competition, in similar scenarios, avoiding outages in the installation.

A solution suitable for all internet service providers

Main advantages of Reyee SOHO

  • Plug and Play.
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Up to Wifi 6.
  • Gaming Setting.
  • 1-button configuration.
  • Advanced and simple management in the cloud.
  • Parental Control.
  • VPN connection with a few clicks.
  • Configuration through Smartphone.

Benefits of being a Visiotech customer

  • Specialized post-sales technical service with highly qualified personnel for your most ambitious projects.
  • Best value for money in Europe.
  • Exclusive distribution channel oriented to professionals.
  • Extended warranty to certified customers with up to 5 years (training and periodic certifications in the national environment).
  • Extensive stock and fast shipments in 48/72 hours.

You can contact our sales representatives for more information or to ask any questions you may have.


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