IP CCTV / Professional NVRs

NVR for IP Cameras

NVRs (Network Video Recorder) for IP cameras are highly functional recording devices that play a key role in CCTV systems with IP cameras. Designed specifically to work in conjunction with these network cameras, the NVR for IP cameras offers a complete and efficient solution for video recording and management.

At its core, the NVR for IP cameras acts as the central storage and control hub, handling the reception and recording of the continuous stream of images from IP cameras connected to the network.

NVRs for IP cameras in our catalog

An NVR for IP camera is one of the central pieces of a professional and advanced IP CCTV security system.

Visiotech offers a wide range of NVRs for IP cameras by specialized CCTV technicians. We study each product and only include in our catalog those that truly provide a great differential value in the market and allow our customers to get NVRs for IP cameras with the best value for money.

Brands of NVRs for IP cameras offered at Visiotech:

  • Uniview
  • Safire
  • Safire Smart
  • Hikvision
  • Uniarch
  • X-Security
  • Milesight

The evolution of recorders: from DVR to IP camera NVR

Unlike DVRs (Digital Video Recorder), NVRs work directly with digital image. The NVR for IP cameras offers higher video quality, advanced features, remote access and storage scalability. IP cameras capture video in high resolution and digital quality. The NVR records and stores this digital video without loss of quality, allowing for sharper playback and finer details.

In short, while the NVR works with IP cameras and provides advanced features and higher video quality, the DVR works with analog cameras and offers more limited functions.

Recorder specifications to consider when buying a NVR for IP camera

At Visiotech, distributors of CCTV security technology, we offer NVRs of different ranges: Onvif compatible, 4K, VGA and HDMI outputs, compressions of different categories, higher bandwidth supported, etc.

You can check the specifications of each NVR for IP camera in its particular data sheet. In addition, if you need assistance, you can contact our sales and technical team so they can answer your questions.