Public transport is an area of great interest, since it hosts the concentration of a myriad of people in different means of transport, such as buses or coaches. There are many factors that guarantee extra safety, and all of them combined help the user to travel or use public transport in a calm and safe way.

However, there is always a risk that problems such as arguments, misunderstandings or theft may occur. These incidents require a promt intervention, before they can lead to worse scenarios. Video surveillance in public transport is used as an aid to intervene appropriately in such incidents, dissuading those who intend to break these civic rules and disturb the tranquility or safety of a trip or journey.

An on-board CCTV system in buses or coaches is used to ensure the safety of passengers and the driver. It is necessary to monitor both the interior and exterior of the bus or coach. They are systems that have both real-time visualization and recordings that will provide real evidence in the event of a possible crime being reported.

video surveillance buses and coaches

Streamax is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance equipment for vehicles. Among its different verticals, it has all the devices and accessories needed to ensure security in a bus or coach.

If we analyze the different security profiles to be protected in this type of vehicle, we could divide them into driver assistance and video surveillance.

On the driver assistance side, Streamax has the following equipment:

  • ADAS Camera: Known as an advanced driver assistance system, it is a camera that is installed on the vehicle's windshield and analyzes in real time what is happening in front of the vehicle, immediately alerting the driver so that he/she can make immediate corrections.
  • security and video surveillance systems in buses and coachess
  • DSM Camera: Known as driver monitoring system, this camera monitors the driver's status in real time. In the event of any type of distraction, the system alerts the driver by means of sounds and images that are also reported to the control center, having everything recorded.
  • driver assistance and video surveillance
  • BSD Camera: These are systems that monitor the vehicle's blind spots. These cameras are connected to a computer equipped with artificial intelligence to analyze the image they send and alert the driver to the presence of a vehicle in any blind spot, even in the presence of pedestrians.
  • streamax driver assistance

In an board video surveillance system for buses it is important to have resistant equipment that at the same time offers good image quality. Streamax equipment has an image quality up to FULL HD, and recorders with different video inputs as there are buses of different sizes, so the recording equipment will be adapted according to the needs of each vehicle.

bus video surveillance system

A video surveillance structure consists of different cameras installed inside the vehicle and strategically placed to cover all angles. All cameras are connected to the recorder by wiring with specific connectors for this application, in order to prevent them from being disconnected by vibrations.

It is very common for buses to have people counting systems to never exceed the permitted capacity of each vehicle or to obtain data to extract statistics on the use of the vehicle. In these applications, where people are constantly entering and exiting the bus, counting accuracy is very important. The Streamax people counting camera guarantees 99% accuracy, covering all bus accesses and sending the information to the driver in real time.

streamax people counting camera

Every video surveillance system must have a monitoring platform, to visualize the events that occur in each of the buses, access the recordings remotely or even know the location of each of the buses in a fleet. For this connection to be possible, the bus video surveillance equipment must have constant communication with the platform via 4G and integrated GPS so that the geolocation of each bus can be shared. In this way, in the event of any incident, the driver will be able to instantly notify of any incident with the exact position of the vehicle.

video surveillance systems in public transport

The incorporation of video surveillance systems in public transport is a safe bet to ensure the safety of passengers, as they will feel calmer, and they will also be able to enjoy their trip without worries. Streamax offers the most advanced technology to improve bus and coach security.

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