HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) is the new open standard of video transmission in high definition 720p y 1080p over coaxial cable.

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  • Resolution 1080p and 720p
  • Over Coaxial Cable
  • Long cable distance. Up to 500m
  • Vídeo + Audio + Data in the same cable
  • Open source


Until recently, in the world of CCTV we had to choose between 960H analogue or HD by IP devices.

In the analogue world, which started 50 years ago, a fast evolution has come: analogue HD.
Now an interesting possibility in the world of CCTV is presented to us. You can now update any outdated installation to HD without having to pay a lot. schema HDTVI

HDTVI, a high performance standard:

fter the market experience of other analogue HD standards, the HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) arrives which includes and improves aspects:

  • Achieves flowing views, high quality, without perceptible delay and with few interferences for 720p and 1080p resolutions.
  • Works over standard coaxial cable up to 500m, allowing re-use of already existing analogue installations, even using UTP cable.
  • It is possible to add audio to the video signal, as well as data, allowing configuration by menu and PTZ control of HDTVI cameras via the coaxial cable itself.
  • Open standard which allows having video recorders developed by different manufacturers.
  • The easy installation and standard use is maintained, without the need of new knowledge.
  • A superior image quality with close-fitting costs equalling the up to now competitive conventional analogue prices.

But maybe the most interesting aspect about HDTVI as an open standard is that it counts with the support of more than 100 manufacturers, among which you can find some of the market leaders such as Safire, with the incorporation to its portfolio of cameras, DVRs and HDTVI solutions.

Safire adds the new HDTVI product line:

As mentioned, all this makes HDTVI one of the best positioned technologies among the analogue HD standards. Therefore, Safire, an European trademark of reference in professional video surveillance systems, is sure about clearly supporting HDTVI and due to this offers Universal DVRs with big flexibility allowing IP, conventional analogue and HDTVI in the same device.

The contribution of the trade mark added to the many HDTVI advantages already known cannot be overseen. Remember that it includes integration in its advanced management software, Safire Control Center, SCC mobile Apps, and the newly integrated Safire EasyConnect, the P2P Cloud service which is being received very well. With a development based on innovation, use and scalability, Safire is positioned as a high range trade mark at competitive prices. The search for strong solutions that are easy to use, makes Safire one of the fastest growing new video surveillance trade marks in the security business.

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