Many professionals and installers are already using wide-angle CCTV cameras to cover areas that require a broad area coverage: warehouses, parking lots, parks...

camaras 180 graddos

At Visiotech, as experts in CCTV security technology, , we have included Uniview 180° wide-angle cameras°, as they offer excellent installation conditions and great cost savings for the installer.

Why install Uniview 180° wide angle cameras?

Thanks to its panoramic field of view, a 180-degree camera has fewer blind spots compared to a conventional camera. This increases surveillance effectiveness by minimizing areas that are not visible, and reduces the number of devices to install. Ultimately, by reducing the number of cables and mounting brackets required, the installation of 180-degree cameras can be simpler and faster compared to the installation of multiple individual cameras.

What is a Uniview 180° Wide Angle camera and why should you include it in your installation?

Uniview's wide-angle CCTV cameras are devices that cover a wide area and provide a clear image without angle distortion. These devices include the main features of Uniview's advanced technology:

  • Ultra H.265 or U-CODE video compression: this feature offers greater efficiency in data storage and transmission, as well as the ability to record high-resolution video, even in low light conditions.
  • 5Mpx and 12Mpx resolution with an Ultra Wide Angle lens.
  • Adjustable dewarp level - 1~9 (image distortion correction)
  • Advanced UMD motion detection and intelligent SIP functions: cross line, intrusion, area entry, area exit.
  • Tamper alarm and audio alarm.
  • Real-time notifications: a feature that makes them effective tools for security and surveillance in various environments.
camara uniview

Key benefits of Uniview's wide angle surveillance cameras

  • A spectacular image without distortion on the edges: these Uniview 180° Wide Angle cameras have a unique setting called "Dewarping Level". This is one of the most praised features as it gives the wide-angle image the quality and sharpness that other 180° cameras cannot achieve.
  • A UNIQUE PRICE for this type of cameras: the price of Uniview's 180° Wide Angle cameras is a game changer in the market for this type of device.
  • Savings in installation costs and devices due to the elimination of blind spots: thanks to the large panoramic extension that these cameras are able to cover, there is a real reduction in the number of devices to be installed in order to avoid blind spots.

What type of end customer could benefit from these cameras?

180-degree cameras can provide a full panoramic view of an area, making them the best choice for monitoring large spaces:

  • Retail stores: in retail environments, 180° cameras enable effective monitoring of display areas, aisles and cash registers while avoiding blind spots. This helps prevent theft, detect suspicious behavior, and improve overall store security.
  • Surveillance of public spaces: in public spaces such as streets, parks or squares, 180° cameras can help capture detailed images of events in real time and facilitate the identification of people or vehicles..
  • Surveillance of industrial facilities: in industrial settings, such as factories or warehouses, 180° cameras can cover large areas, considerably reducing the number of devices to be installed, saving costs for your end customer and installation time for your technical team.

You can find wide angle cameras at a very affordable price in our catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to place your order or regarding the technical aspects of any of our wide-angle cameras.

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