Visiotech has entered into an agreement to become an official distributor of Hikvision PRO. This agreement opens new markets for both companies, which will join their business and technical forces to continue with the sustained and ongoing growth that characterizes both companies.

Visiotech official distributor of Hikvision PRO for Iberia

Hikvision PRO Distribution Agreement

Currently, Hikvision is the world's leading provider of innovative security products and solutions. It is known for developing core technologies in audio and video encryption, image and video processing, and data storage, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data and deep learning.

In recent years, Hikvision has expanded its expertise and experience to meet the needs of customers in various vertical markets, including public safety, transportation, education, healthcare, financial institutions and energy, as well as smart buildings. As a result, the company offers professional and customized solutions to meet diverse market needs.

In addition to the video surveillance industry, Hikvision covers the smart home technology, industrial automation and automotive electronics sectors, all of which are based on video intelligence technology, to explore channels to sustain long-term development.

About Visiotech

Visiotech is a leading company in the security distribution sector in Europe. After more than 14 years of experience and constant growth, Visiotech is today one of the main wholesalers of Video Surveillance, Intrusion, Access Control/Presence, Smart home, accessories, fire and video door phones, with presence in 63 countries and a staff of more than 250 employees, of which 50 are engineers.

In addition, Visiotech boasts a warehouse of more than 10,000 m2 with 32 km of picking racks and a stock of more than 40 million euros. All this, accompanied by a great commercial and technical team that accompanies the customer throughout the purchase and installation process. On the other hand, all the components that make up Visiotech, have a great experience in the Hikvision platform, as it shares the platform with Safire.

This agreement makes Visiotech a Hikvision distributor in Spain and Portugal and thanks to this, both companies to contribute to each other with the aim of offering a more complete service both in products and solutions.

Hikvision PRO product range

The different products we offer as Hikvision distributors are divided into three categories to reach from a small installation to the most demanding projects:

  • In the Hikvision Professional video surveillance section, the 4K Ultra HD cameras stand out, ensuring sufficient resolution to provide a useful security system for any type of disturbance. In addition, these video surveillance cameras are complemented by the latest generation recorders with a higher level of decoding, with up to H.265+ from the most basic ranges. As well as supporting the highest resolution in the recorders themselves to obtain recordings in the highest quality.
  • Hikvision PRO, provides different technologies for viewing in low light situations, such as the Ultra Low Light range of products, which stand out for having a clear and effective display even at 0.001 lux. On the other hand, if the color image is required in low-light situations, Hikvision provides the ColorVU range of cameras, these offer sharp images with vivid detail for video evidence, increased alarm accuracy for real security threats and effective video searches, taking your security level beyond what was previously possible.
  • For conventional installations used on a daily basis, which are still analog in many cases, the Asian manufacturer is committed to PoC technology, which is capable of powering the cameras through the coaxial cable, a great advantage for the installer who will save time and power supplies, making installations faster, simpler and lowering costs.
  • On the other hand, we have the Acusense technology based on Deep Learning:This technology allows the detection and facial recognition of intrusions produced by humans and/or the identification of vehicles, improving road safety, increasing traffic efficiency and accelerating the management of vehicles in parking lots. In addition, AcuSense technology enables the detection and facial recognition of human intrusions and/or vehicle identification, AcuSense technology makes it possible to distiguish people and vehicles from other moving targets. It takes alarm accuracy and efficiency to a whole new level.
Visiotech official distributor of Hikvision PRO for Iberia

Security solutions by Hikvision

Hikvision offers a wide range of solution options for various needs. These solutions enable intelligent operations in many sectors of society.Among the wide diversity of solutions provided by Hikvision, the access control solution achieves fast passage through multiple verification and identification technologies and provides comprehensive measures for specialized scenarios with high security requirements and emergency protocols.

  • Access control for efficient passage.
  • Access control for high-level security.
  • Access control for emergency management.

Another core strength of this manufacturer is the convergence of different systems such as video door entry systems. These devices have IP technology and can be PoE or 2-wire powered, which greatly facilitates replacement installations with the latest technology. All this, connected through a mobile App, HikConnect, vailable for Android and iOS, which shares with the video surveillance and allows the reception of calls through push notifications, bidirectional audio, video and remote openings from anywhere in the world.

On the security side, it is complemented by an intrusion system integrated in the same platform, with a wireless central that allows the connection of the detectors. As well as a wide variety of wired detectors.

Configure and manage Hikvision devices in a unified and intuitive way

Thanks to Hikvision's free IVMS4200 desktop software, it is possible to centrally control all the devices in the installation, with the capacity to add up to 256 devices. On the other hand, for large-scale projects, the HikCentral software is available, which uses a client-server structure. The software is installed on a server which can be accessed remotely through a web browser to perform any type of configuration and management. The client side allows installation on different computers with different access profiles customized for each work area. In addition, it is fully customizable because the modules and licenses required for each project are installed.

In addition, Hikvision PRO will provide different solutions in which it takes full advantage of the technology of its video surveillance cameras, with its Deep Learning algorithms and applies them to different scenarios, such as:

  • Traffic and parking: Thanks to its LPR cameras with integrated license plate recognition, the camera itself can monitor city traffic or a parking lot. Furthermore, it obtains important data for vehicle identification, such as brand, color, direction of traffic, in addition to the license plate.
  • Perimeter protection: Perimeter protection of enclosures with large distances can be established by means of thermal cameras. An alarm is immediately notified in case of any intrusion in the protected areas. Thermal cameras have video analytics embedded in the camera itself, without the need to add an intermediate element for such analytics.
  • Audiovisual: With interactive touch screens or videoconferencing systems, the range can be completed by targeting new markets, such as the education sector, where these types of elements are needed.
  • Mobility: Vehicle protection is a growing market that requires the installation of on-board equipment, as well as specific cameras and recorders for installation in both goods and passenger vehicles. It also has a complete solution for police officers, with cameras adapted for police vehicles or even body cameras for the service of the officers themselves.

Hikvision PRO Distribution Agreement

In conclusion, thanks to the agreement signed between Hikvision and Visiotech, Visiotech becomes a Hikvision distributor and this will be a revolutionary leap in the world of security, which will open new opportunities for projects in various fields, as well as the union of their sales forces to provide customers with the greatest simplicity of purchase, after-sales service and of course high quality equipment and the latest technology.