One of the most common problems for installers and system integrators is the need to travel to their already deployed installations for diagnosis, maintenance or reconfiguration tasks. To avoid the inconvenience of these trips, many network equipment manufacturers have remote access solutions to the network devices themselves.

cloud tunneling

However, what happens if we want to access other network resources such as printers, cameras, NVRs or computers? Reyee has the answer to this question with its cloud tunneling system, also known as Intranet Access. Some of the features of this technology are:

  • Remote access to Reyee equipment.
  • Access to local network devices: Servers, PCs, Printers, IP Phones, NVR, Cameras.
  • No port opening.
  • Compatible in CG-NAT networks or with dynamic public IP.
  • No complex VPN.
cloud tunneling system

Although this feature has been operational for some time in the Ruijie cloud platform, in its latest version it has been completely redesigned. It now has a much more intuitive and faster interface from which you can create different tunnels and have them recorded in our project.

Ruijie cloud platform

In addition, this new interface called Intranet Access unifies in the same section the tunnels to Reyee network devices and other devices such as printers, servers, telephones or cameras. In the Device section you will find access to Reyee devices filtered by device type.

new interface called Intranet Access reyee

Having described the advantages of this proprietary Reyee technology, now the question is which Reyee devices you need to use the Cloud/Intranet Access Tunneling technology. The Reyee devices compatible with this technology are:

The continuous development of Reyee's cloud platform is one of its main strengths. All the advantages of this platform can be enjoyed without any additional cost or license, an aspect that benefits infrastructure integrators.