The vaccination rate and the fact that in some European countries there are not more than 60% of vaccinated, has led to several countries introducing the verification of the Covid Greenpass as a requirement to enter leisure facilities, accommodation establishments and offices.


For this reason there are new access control equipment, which allows entry with Greenpass, as simple as presenting it in front of a QR reader. If the code is correct, it allows the opening, in case that the code is fraudulent, it would be shown in red on the screen and would not allow passage.

dispositivo de control de accesos con pasaporte covid

These devices can be connected by both Ethernet and WiFi, allowing access to a simple and intuitive web interface where you can change the language, configure the relay opening time or change the screen background of the device to put the corporate logo of the company in which it is installed.

These readers have a relay output that can be configured in different ways. The first and most common is that when the certificate is correct it allows the door to be opened. The door can be configured for any electronic lock, both Normally Open and Normally Closed. On the other hand, the relay output can also be configured as an alarm output that is activated, for example, when the Covid certificate is fraudulent or has expired.

We have complete access control system, with facial recognition and the ability to save users and registers, as well as the mask verification added to the Greenpass. This makes a very complete equipment that adapts to any type of installation, even with capacity control software.

These devices are accompanied with temperature devices, capacity control and CO2 meters that are already common in many businesses and establishments to provide greater security to customers.

France, Germany and Austria stand out among the countries where the use of the Covid certificate is already mandatory to access, closed establishments of leisure and restaurants. Right now, in Italy the requirement is only for public and indoor places. These measures are changing and intensifying as the pandemic and vaccination progress. In Spain, the restrictions are implemented in several autonomous communities and it is possible that they will be added to the rest of the regions.

certificado pasaporte covid

In conclusion, with Visiotech as a distributor of security products and with the largest variety of products for protection against Covid, you will find the necessary equipment for temperature control, capacity control, mask verification and of course the new Greenpass device that verifies the Covid Passport of the European Union.