Safire incorporates 2-wire technology to its second generation modular video intercom systems, creating a complete solution that can be adapted to any installation. These video intercom systems are designed to reuse the wiring in existing installations and to take advantage of the latest technology.

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The devices have the same simple and elegant design of the second generation range and simply change the operation mode of the devices. These video intercom devices can be installed in a single-family house or an office or used in more demanding installations such as a 500 apartment block.

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The 2-wire installation is very simple, you only have to replace the old door phone, which is usually installed with 4 or 2 wires, and use two of these wires to connect the exterior panel, doing the same with the interior monitor which will use the wires of the interior telephone.

For the video intercom to have full IP functionality, a converter must be added which is capable of converting the whole 2-wire installation to IP. This allows to enjoy the mobile app through SafireConnect with all its advantages, such as remote openings, two-way audio, live display and push notifications when someone calls.

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The configuration of the video intercom is intuitive and user-friendly. When you have all the connections made, you turn on the monitor and it will display a configuration wizard with 4 simple steps that you have to follow: Language setup, the IP address of the panel, the IP address of the monitor and the floor number. With this you have the video intercom fully functional.

The video intercom is modular, so you can add up to 8 additional modules to the main outdoor panel with camera, for instance a numeric keypad, apartment button panel or a card reader, which allows you to open the door using a card or key fob.


Despite being 2 wires, the monitor has a WiFi connection, so that it can be connected wirelessly and there is no need to have contracted an internet service.

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In conclusion, the new Safire 2-wire video intercom systems is a great way to integrate new technology in existing installations at a very competitive price. They have all the functionalities of an IP video intercom in an analog installation, which combined with the simple configuration and optimized performance, makes it one of the leading video intercom systems in the market.