Ajax alarm system launches full integration with cameras and video recorders. From the Ajax App you can add Safire and Hikvision cameras in a very fast and intuitive way and see what is happening in case of an alarm or check in on your video surveillance whenever you want.

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This new and important functionality allows you to add additional security to your installations allowing the user to see what is happening in their home or offices from anywhere.

ALARM AND CCTV: The big advantages of Ajax

The integration of video surveillance with the alarm system in the same application places Ajax Security System in an important position in the world of alarms, providing great advantages for the user:

  • Direct stream in case of alarm
  • Immediate access to desired video streams
  • All-in-one control from the same app
  • Download screenshots to the smartphone memory

Total privacy

If we talk about security, we also have to talk about privacy. In this case all personal information, both passwords and video streams, is encrypted and it is not stored by Ajax. Only users who have permission to access these cameras will be able to see what is happening live in each room. The following outline is followed:

First the camera records the video, which is then transmitted to the cloud for processing. Once the video has been processed, from Ajax's app you can access the live viewing of what is happening in the Safire's cameras and video recorders.

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Visiotech: The leading CCTV brands and Ajax

Visiotech is the only supplier where you can find the leading brands in CCTV (Safire, Hikvision and Dahua) as well as the complete range of Ajax Alarm products.

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Aiming for full security coverage, at Visiotech we offer all the necessary components to protect your home, office and other facilities.