Hysoon, the manufacturer of Time & Attendance and Access Control devices, is hitting the European market. It is the most economical biometrics manufacturer in the market and it’s hard not noticing their fingerprint reading in less than a second.

control de accesos hysoon

The new brand promoted by Visiotech features different inexpensive devices intended to be the entry-level range for time registration systems, hereby completing the range together with Anviz, intended for the medium range installations, and ZKTeco for the most demanding installations.

LThe range of products offered from Hysoon is very complete as all the devices can perform the functions of Access Control and Time & Attendance, being considered hybrid, although there are some products more intended for time and other access control.

As for the technical characteristics, all the Time & Attendance devices have function keys that allow you to change the registration you want to log between entry, exit, breaks and others. The terminals have TFT colour screens up to 2.8" with TCP/IP connection in order to manage the data from the software or USB connection if you prefer the terminal to work autonomously.

terminal de control de presencia hysoon

On the access side, the devices have characteristics typical of a high-end system, with relay output, assignment of access groups to users to limit when they can enter according to a schedule and even a bell, door sensor, tamper and alarm outputs.

The software used by these devices is free and is currently available in English and Spanish. It is easy to use with a menu on the sidebar that accesses all the parameters to configure an order, which makes it a very intuitive software to configure. In addition, it allows you to configure overtime, absences or late arrivals and issue a monthly report, daily or per user, as well as performing all the configuration of access control with real-time monitoring.

control de presencia hysoon

In short, Hysoon is the most economical biometric Time & Attendance control available in Europe and is capable of advanced Access Control features such as group creation with a simple yet comprehensive software for Time & Attendance and obtaining reports.