Coaxial cable power (Power Over Coaxial or PoC), integrated into the new Safire cameras and recorders, is a revolution in simplifying installations and reducing costs, offering a professional and elegant solution.

cabecera coaxial

In traditional installations, the cameras had to be fed through power supplies, either through individual feeders at nearby points or through strategically located distribution boxes. At the same time, cables had to be laid between cameras and sources, either single cable or combined coaxial cable, in the case of distribution of boxes. Thus, the cost of this material and the labour required to do the installation it represents a significant percentage of the total cost of the budget.

cabecera coaxial

The new Power Over Coax system from Safire reduces the need for wiring to the minimum level, in addition, eliminates the use of power supplies. A single coaxial cable carries together the video sent from the camera and the power provided by the recorder.

The advantages of using this solution are more than enough to decide to incorporate it into the most usual installations.

Cost saving of up to 20% *

  • Without power supplies
  • No additional wiring
  • Less labour time
  • Ease of installation
  • Centralized and professional solution
  • Possible backup by adding a UPS
  • Safe electrical protections
  • Up to 200m (Coaxial) and 100m (UTP)
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Technically, Safire's PoC solution, based on HDTVI standard with the highest penetration in the market, has come with a lot of development work under its belt.

The voltage supplied by the recorder is 48V in direct current (DC). This value compensates for the voltage drop of the line without interfering with the video signal, so it’s ensuring the required image quality and range. With the manufacturing guarantee of Safire, the recorder itself constitutes the "power source" of the installation, eliminating the problems that arise with third-party power supplies.

In terms of range, Safire has achieved the respectable figure of 200m. However, the values will vary depending on the resolution used and the consumption required in the camera.
In Safire cameras, PoC integrated with two types of consumption, PoC.AF and PoC.AT, following the analogy of the Ethernet cable feed (Power Over Ethernet or PoE) used in IP systems. The following table shows the theoretical ranges for different cable types, resolutions and consumption classes of PoC:

cabecera coaxial

As an extra benefit, the recorder's own an interface that can show the quantity and type of PoC cameras connected, informing about the remaining resources as the cameras are connected.

Additionally, Safire's PoC solution adds security systems that provide reliability and professional results.

  • The recorder incorporates protection against overvoltage and short circuits that safeguard the integrity of the installation and safeguard the operator in case of an accident.

Regarding the use of the cameras without PoC with its own feeder, the recorder incorporates a system to recognize the situation, so that, when starting the recorder detects video in the camera, it will not supply the PoC power.

cabecera coaxial

In summary, Safire presents a comprehensive solution that adds simplicity to CCTV installations, reducing time and cost. Based on the most affordable video technology, while offering the necessary technical guarantee to increase the professional and quality work.

As an added value, the first devices to incorporate PoC technology that is the latest generation recorders that make it possible to take an advantage of functions such as H.265 + compression (which saves up to 80% of bandwidth) and universal 5in1 support for main video technologies such as HDTVI / HDCVI / AHD or IP.