• Wall bracket
  • Valid for exterior use
  • Compatible with XD detectors
  • Tamper against pull-off
  • Vertical / horizontal articulation
  • High strength and durability
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Articulated wall bracket for Pyronix detectors. Valid for exterior.

Support conceived for installing detectors on vertical surfaces. Compatible with XD detectors. It incorporates wired tamper for connection to detector (Grade 3) in order to warn of a possible pullout of the support of the wall.

Made of polycarbonate of 4 mm, which gives it great strength and durability in exterior, with areas of reduced thickness intended to practice cable passage holes. A toothed and easy adjustment joint, using a single screw makes it possible to orient the detector both horizontally and vertically, to an angle of 45º.

Brand Pyronix
Tamper Push button switch with wire pair
Dimensions 110 (H) x 71 (W) x 78 (D) mm

- Wall bracket
- 4 plugs and 4 screws for mounting