What are iDMSS and gDMSS?

DMSS (Digital Mobile Surveillance System) is an application for mobile phones and tablets, which allows you to centrally manage various security devices. It is the official application of the Dahua brand, reference manufacturer in CCTV, and is also compatible with all products of the X-Security brand. On the DMSS version for PC, it does not exist under that name since it was replaced some time ago by the Smart PSS software. Also, for PC, we recommend the Dahua Tool Box utilities suite.

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How to download the applications?

The prefix "g" or "i" differentiates the applications destined to Android and iPhone / iPad and thus we will find them in the official Google Play and App Stores:

  • gDMSS and gDMSS HD: Complete versions of the applications for Android mobile and tablet respectively.
  • gDMSS Lite and gDMSS HD Lite: Basic and free versions of the above.
  • iDMSS and iDMSS Lite: Complete and reduced versions for iPhone
  • iDMSS HD and iDMSS HD Lite: Full and reduced versions for iPad

To date, DMSS Plus was paid while the Lite version was free. The differences between DMSS Lite and Plus are: E-Map (visual and functional installation plans), alarm management and Push notifications. Currently there is no need to choose since Dahua has published the Plus version totally free. In addition, this publication is already adapted to the new regulations GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

descarga gdmss plus
descarga idmss plus

In the same way, you can download the software that would be equivalent to the DMSS version for PC in the Visiotech Academy, within the section referring to the X-Security brand.

descarga idmss plus

What features do these apps offer?

The mentioned applications have undergone several updates that improve their functioning and increase their capacities, so that sometimes, it is difficult to follow all the news. Therefore, let's see a small summary of what they offer us in the management of our video surveillance devices:

Integration of other security devices

The main novelty is the ability to manage in a single app, both CCTV devices, access control and alarm systems of the manufacturer Dahua.

Device management

Among other options, they can be located within a local network (WiFi or LAN), add devices via IP / Domain, DDNS and P2P (Easy4IP and Lechange). This last option allows adding devices by QR code scanning and even a complete list of devices, very useful to migrate from the Lite app to the Plus version in a single operation. With possibility of favourite devices.

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Live viewing and playback of stored recordings and clips

Live, to access and capture the live video of the added devices, combining channels and cameras. Playback, to consult, capture, trim and extract the recorded videos. In turn, clips and captures can be viewed from the smartphone's memory.

imagenes previsualizacion

Channel configuration

It allows to modify the coding (resolution and ratio of images), image adjustments, movement control of PTZ cameras or with motorized Zoom, bidirectional audio communication with the device and display of quadrants, as more interesting functions.

Notifications and events

The detection events generated by the devices are listed and notified in the app through push notifications. These consist of instant and free alerts supported by the devices and to which we can subscribe easily, according to the type of detection selected.

Cloud recording, Cloud Storage services

The next updates will allow the recording of video in the cloud under a subscription service, with rates per channel for recording of 3, 7 or 30 days, and only for cameras that support this functionality.

Live demo available

We take this opportunity to remind you that Visiotech offers its customers a Demo of an X-Security recorder with a neutral image, in order to show the potential of the system to any interested party, as well as the use of Dahua's iDMSS and gDMSS applications.

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