Akuvox video intercoms are the most complete video intercom solution featuring a mobile app for calls. Make the most of its poweful cloud app at a competitive rate. All its devices are based on an IP platform, which offers a great variety of configurations for the video intercom, that can be adapted to any user through its mobile app SmartPlus.

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Akuvox’s SmartPlus app is available for iPhone and Android, and it is characterized for having an easy and user-friendly app. Furthermore, the Akuvox app is much more than a mobile app because end users will be able to access to the configuration of their video intercom from any computer the same way they do with the app.

The movile app has a main goal, which is receiving calls from the video intercom in the smartphone in an efficient way, without delay and with a simple push notification. It has an easy interface which shows all the devices in one view, both external plates as well as monitors. From the main tab you can open the door, open the bidirectional audio, or see the live view. You can also quickly arm or disarm a small domestic alarm connected through wired detectors to any of the monitors of the range.

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Smartplus has a tab which stores a complete record of all that is happening in the video intercom, for example, a full record of access control, a record of the users which have entered and at what time, a call history record, a record of events pictures and, if activated, a record of the times the external plate has detected movement.

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With the app, you can share temporary keys with third parties. This helps if, for example, it is necessary to grant access to an office only once, for a person in charge of maintenance, or to use in holiday homes. You can also create temporary codes and set a time in which the person can enter in the plate or even if they want to limit it with a set limit date or by how many times has the user used the App.

External plates allow a great variety of opening modes. Apart from the external plates, for instance, a radio frequency keychain. Smartplus offers different ways of opening, for instance, it allows the opening through bluetooth by shaking the mobile or even hands-free by getting closer to the plate, opening through NFC, using the device as ID card or even setting up face recognition.

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With the app you can also set permits from the rest of the members of the family in an easy way, entering an email, phone number and a name. This user is sent an automatic email with the credentials to enjoy Smartplus, and it will be eliminated by the admin at any moment.

Akuvox has a powerful cloud to which all devices are independently connected, which means that in places where it is not useful to have the presence of a monitor, it can be omitted, and only have the Smartphone app for communication between the plate and the user..

In conclusion, Akuvox is the best solution when it is required that video intercoms make calls to the app in an easy and intuitive way, which also has a great number of configurations that make life easier to the end user.