With the current situation surrounding the energy market at a global scale, and particularly the generation of energy, the protection of assets linked to this sector has become a matter of strategy, both at private and state levels, in countries where installations are deployed.

 perimetral protection systems

Videologic Analytics is a spanish company that develops perimetral protection systems based in the analysis of smart video, which incorporate algorythms based on artificial intelligence to fulfill leading detection levels on the market, while delivering a practically null level of undesired alarms.

videologic analytics

One of the main strengths of the system is the possibility of combining multiple and different types of rules to fulfill reliable detections, eliminating false alarms.

The incorporation of analytics based on artificial intelligence at the moment of validating alarms detected by conventional video analysis algorythms makes it possible to create systems with contained hardware power, which results in a lower cost per channel without sacrificing the cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence.

intelligent video analysis

The agreement was celebrated at Visiotech’s new HQ, executed by Sergi Gonzalez, CEO and CTO of Videologic Analytics, and by Shuang Sheng Xu, CEO of Visiotech.

perimetral protection systems

About Videologic Analytics

Videologic Analytics is a Spanish company with over 22 years’ experience in the security market, mainly in the development of smart video analysis solutions.The main value of the company is its human capital, which is constantly growing year after year.This talent investment allows the company to develop algorythms based on artificial intelligence to offer top-level technology solutions in their products.

With the deployment of over 20.000 video analysis channels, Videologic Analytics positions itself as leader in the protection of installations linked to the energy sector.

Choosing Videologic Analytics as security partner is a successful key point for our clients.

“We create technology for security”

About Visiotech

Visiotech is a leading company in the security distribution sector in Europe. After over 14 years of experience and an ongoing growth, Visiotech is currently one of the main Videosurveillance, Intrusion, Access/Presence Control, Smart home, accesories, fire and video intercoms distributor, with presence in 63 countries and with over 200 employees.

The company has an amazing human team, with ample professional experience, and that makes a permanent investigation of the last trends in security, always trying to find or develop leading and suitable solutions for their clients.

Visiotech currently focuses its work philosophy on a tailored service for each customer, always broadening the range of products according to the specific needs detected, as well as the incorporation of the most recent technology developments. A full commitment with clients that guarantees the ongoing renovation of products, as well as an excellent pre-sales and post-sales support, among many other advantages.