One of the main aspects that make Ruijie-Reyee a ground-breaking manufacturer is its completely free Cloud platform, without limits and for all your devices. Understanding the importance of this platform will make us see the great number of resources and development destined to maintaining and improving it.

routing configurations reyee

The last version (3.8 y 3.9) of Ruijie Cloud introduced improvements and optimizations that should be explained in detail. Version 3.8 implemented a new section in the cloud called Network-Wide with which you could automatically create VLANs for wired and wireless networks.

Intuitive VLAN management

ruijie networks

This new section also allows to perform Routing configurations such as static routes, routes based in specific policies (PBR) and port mapping.

Routing configuration through Cloud

Version Ruijie Cloud 3.9 adds a new inferface called User Management which unifies the configuration for the creation of users and vouchers used it captive portals. Now it is possible to create groups of users with different parameters (concurrent devices, connection time, quota, speed) and, once created, generate vouchers and/or users within these groups that will inherit said parameters.

Creation of vouchers and users

platform cloud reyee

The continuous improvement of Ruijie's Cloud makes it one of the most complete platforms in the market. Remote management and maintenance of any network infrastructure is an easy and intuitive task thanks to the Cloud.