To avoid false alarms usually generated by the movement of plants or animals, Uniview has developed an algorythm which is capable of identifying humans and vehicles (of 2 or 4 wheels) in any scenario, known as Smart Intrusion Prevention.

Included in Uniview’s Prime range and over, it is capable of filtering possible false alarms that may appear in the scene with a 99% accuracy.

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Reglas de configuración SIP

There are 4 types of rules to set: line crossing, prowling, enter zone and exit zone. All of these “zones” are drawn by the same user, and they consist on polygons of up to 6 sides, unlike the 4-side limitation presented by other brands.

Furthermore, each rule can be configured to activate an alarm for pedestrian and/or vehicle, and some of the possible actions triggered can be recording, storing an instant picture, activating an alarm output or receiving a push notification on the app.

One of the easiest ways to manage Smart Intrusion Prevention is together with Uniview cloud, with the free mobile or tablet app, EzView. Among its many functionalities such as viewing of recordings, configuration of push notifications of alarms or updating the devices remotely, the intelligence of Uniview cameras can be configured easily through the app.

To configure this feature, it will not be necessary to use a recorder or physical camera, or logging in through the web browser, it can directly be done through the app following some simple steps:

1. Click on the configuration button

configuration SIP

2. Once the menu is open, select the option ‘VCA Detection’

uniview App EZview

3. The VCA Detection option can configure up to 4 different smart events. Intrusion event, line crossing, area entering and exiting.

App EZView

4. Within each event, different paramenters can be configured, among others:

4.1 Drawing the detection area. You can create a polygon of up to 6 sides with the help of the touch screen on our device.

Smart Intrusion Prevention

4.2 You can establish a filter selecting the elements we want to identify: 4 wheel vehicle (motor vehicle), motorcicles and bycicles (non-motor vehicle) and persons (pedestrian).

    Uniview EZView

    EzView, is available for Android and IOS and is completely free. The possibility of not having limits on the added devices and its user-friendliness, together with the proper functioning of Uniview’s P2P, make this app the best option to configure and control our installations remotely.