One of the most important aspects of an alarm system is prevention, in order to avoid the intruder from accessing the protected installation and committing the theft and, as a consequence, provoke undesired damages. Ajax, the system that has revolutionized Europe and continues to gain ground in the market, has developed a unique technology to anticipate and prevent any kind of intrusion.

detector doorprotect plus

The all-in-one detector for anticipation: Ajax DoorProtect Plus

The Ajax DoorProtect Plus detector is in charge of notifying any intent of door or window opending, as well as any intent of intrusion to the protected object, thanks to its impact and inclination detection. This triple detection incorporated in the same device prevents and anticipates any intrusion, as it will automatically notify, in 0.15 seconds to the Central Alarm Headquarters for its immediate response. Similarly, it notifies through the alarm’s system sirens, and through push notifications to Ajax mobile apps.

  • Detection of impact on door: One of the key detections to notify before the intruders access the building. Moreover, this detection can be regulated in three levels of sensitivity.
  • Window Inclination A notice of inclination in windows facing the exterior will also facilitate this prevention. From the same app, the necessary inclination to send the alarm can be adjusted between 5º up to 25º.
  • Detection of window or door opening: The Ajax DoorProtect Plus detector has a magnet to fix it on the households’ doors and, in this way, notify any opening.
ajax motioncam outdoor

External protection of household: reliability and high performance

To protect the external part of the installation, Ajax has designed three devices: MotionProtect Outdoor, MotionCam Outdoor y DualCurtain Outdoor.

These use smart filters developed by the manufacturer Ajax, called LISA and ELSA that aim to porvide reliability in their detections. These smart algorythms analyze and compare different signals in real time to verify if its a real or false alarm.

Furhtermore, MotionCam Outdoor has a camera incorporated to visually verify theft intents instantly, at any moment of the day: as soon as it detects movement, the client will be able to see what is happening on their home. The well thought-out design of its camera makes it possible to obtain images even in non-favorable illumination conditions, in order to alert about any intrusion intent.

On the following video you can see the operation of the Ajax MotionCam Outdoor detector.


Max detail about what is happening in the vicinity of the household

The Ajax system and their various devices give detailed information about anything that is happening on the protected household: movement detection in the garden, intrusion intent on the main door, breaking of the glass of the garage window, etc.

A very user-friendly and intuitive app, with real time information for total control of the system from your smartphone.

doorprotect plus app notifications

Leading technology for the sending of videos and images: Jeweller and Wings.

The technology developed by Ajax and unique in the market, can reach an unmatched speed on the sending of events. The time between detection and reception of the event is of 0.15 seconds.

Moreover, all of the devices are supervised every 12 seconds to avoid contingencies in the security system and thus know at all times if the detectors are functioning correctly.