The software Ajax PRO Desktop is a powerful tool designed to cover the needs of surveillance companies, both for alarm monitoring centers, and for installation and maintenance companies. This app does not require any demanding specifications for installation in computers, and it is so strong that it has reached an uptime of 99.995 % in the last years.

ajax pro desktop

The platform Ajax PRO Desktop can manage the employees’ different roles, optimizing the organization of the company’s work. The configuration of all the panels connected to the installing service can be done remotely anywhere in the world, saving unnecessary travel and maintenance expenses in the installation.

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The software instantly receives the notifications of the different alarms, low batteries, connectivity failure, arming, etc., of the installations in detail. Plus, it supports the visual verification of alarms, and they have cloud-based free storage for up to 2 years.

Detailed instant viewing of all events

Ajax PRO Desktop is a tool that manages all the company’s security installations. Using the computer, you can instantly view all the events and alarms, including the images captured by MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor Photodetectors.

ajax pro desktop

Generate reports on the availability of Hubs, indicating the period in which the device has been connected.

Instant Photography Verification of triggered alarms

Set time periods and apply different filters to search events more efficiently.

Management of employees and permissions to ensure the efficiency during the workday

Ajax PRO Desktop software can quickly assign the employees of the installation company to different projects, improving remarkably the company’s organization, and making processes more efficient. Each role has access to all the functions needed to carry out their work properly, and the access is directly managed from the computer: adding or deleting employees, changing their roles, or modifying permits at any moment. The installation and maintenance service of the platform is composed by three roles:

  • Owner:Has total control of all the different functions of the company’s platform and oversees the management of all the permits.
  • Manager of Installations:has access to the total configuration of the different hubs that are connected to the installation service and oversees the assignation of the panels to different installers. The manager can also view the general record of events of all installations.
  • Installers:,They obtain permanent or time-limited access permits, and they can only access the configuration of the hubs assigned to them. They can access the company account to add and manage the assigned panels, both from the mobile app and from the computer.

Flexibility and user-friendliness both with the computer and Smartphone

The maintenance and installation companies’ professionals have access to both Ajax PRO Desktop and the smartphone app Ajax PRO: Tool for Engineers, available for Android and iOSThis friendly and powerful app helps the installers perform all the necessary tasks wherever they are, without depending on a computer and without needing to learn how to use it: remote configuration, device detection tests, quick searches of Hubs and even add panels to the installation services company instantly. A complete and intuitive app, perfect for installers.

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In this way, the installer can open the Ajax PRO App with their smartphone, add the Hub by scanning its QR code, and then add and configure the devices. Using the computer, the managers of installations can delete the access permits of this installer at this moment so that, in the future, for maintenance or configuration of the system, they can temporarily add the same installer or another of the company’s installers. This can all be done remotely, and without needing to be present in the installation.