POS integration in recorders grants the store owners the possibility to overlay POS text over the recordings of their surveillance cameras.

pos integration with cctv

The previous diagram shows how to install a POS cash register with network capacity with an Uniview NVR and a Network Camera. The POS/cash register is connected to the same network as the NVR. The network camera can also be connected to the switch, or to the NVR if it has PoE ports.

pos integration with video surveillance

In order to set up the POS feature in Uniview recorders (please note that this feature is only available for -B series recorders or superior), access the recorder’s setup menu, either through web setup or through the recorder’s setup. This is a very simple setup. We will now explain how to do it through the recorder’s setup: First, enter the System section-> POS

cctv pos integration

In the Set Connection section, set up the required parameters as follows:

  • Transfer Protocol: UDP
  • Transmision Protocol:8765
  • POS IPv4 Address: Please indicate the IP address of the device sending the information.
  • The rest of parameters can be left in default.

To perform the proper test run, it is recommended to use the free software USR-TCP232-Test. The information can be set through a text document previously uploaded to the computer or, directly through the own software’s text box.

As it has been verified, this app is remarkably useful for the business environment, the data on recordings can protect the transaction in sales points and avoid burglary. This feature will even help to easily solve conflicts among clients or prevent possible fraudulent activities.