Visiotech, the official UNI-T distributor, presents the latest launch of measurement equipment for professional installers.

UNI-T provides new tools that help professional installers in their daily work. The equipment stands out for offering high precision and advanced functions, in an ergonomic, intuitive, and portable format. This makes UNI-T an easy-to-use, easy-to-transport alternative that is essential to carry out high-quality and efficient jobs.

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Laser distance meter

One of the most successful products is laser distance meters. They stand out for being able to measure distances of up to 1 km with millimeter precision; and angles that allow you to know exactly the inclination of a surface.

The meters have memory with the capacity to store up to 99 values and advanced functions such as addition and subtraction of measurements, calculation of areas and volumes.

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Digital multimeter

Another essential tool for any installer is the multimeter. UNI-T offers solutions with auto range, which will allow you to make quick measurements, eliminating the need to select a scale, and with the ideal precision at all times.

There are also advanced functions such as smartphone connection via bluetooth, so you can view the measurements on your mobile device.

However, one of the most useful functions is, without a doubt, to save the maximum and minimum values and the measurements. UNI-T has equipment that is capable of graphing these values. Therefore, through this function, the installer will be able to find sporadic faults in an installation or will be able to know the shape of the signal that he is measuring.

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Wall scanner

UNI-T has innovative tools to help you in your daily work. This is the case of the wall scanner that will help you find metallic objects or wiring inside walls of different materials and up to 100 millimeters thick. The device not only detects cables but will also alert you if alternating current is flowing through those cables. This tool is extremely useful when looking for power supply points, beams or determining the ideal place to drill.

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All UNI-T equipment has illuminated screens that enable you to work in low light conditions; an ergonomic design that allows them to be easily transported, even in a pocket. They are intuitive and easy to use and incorporate energy saving features.

In conclusion, Visiotech provides this range of measuring equipment with all the aforementioned functionalities and as always at an unbeatable price.