The new safire access and time & attendance systems with facial recognition are the best contactless solution for secure access management and additionally with the new functionality of customisable time and attendance rest periods.

Dispositivos de Reconocimiento facial Safire

Safire's devices feature new firmware that makes facial recognition ultra-fast, at a distance of up to 3 metres, and is complemented by a true video intercom functionality, QR code reader, attendance control, wallpaper image customisation and all controlled from the powerful Safire Control Center software.

Safire has a highly efficient dual-sensor Facial Recognition, thanks to the dual sensor it is impossible to impersonate a user with a photo or video of the registered person, as it is able to deeply visualise and verify that the face is alive and is not a fraud.

SF-AC316 safire

The video intercom function is the ideal complement to these devices. It can be configured by calling a monitor from the Safire range, as well as directly to the App or to the management centre where the software is installed. It is the most suitable access control with facial recognition for homes, offices and companies.

SF-VIK009-S-IP-FACE safire

As for the access control system that it incorporates, it has the latest technology, being able to create access groups, schedules and assign it to users in different ways. In addition to having multiple forms of identification such as:

  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • QR code
  • Mobile App
  • PIN code
  • Combination of any of the above

These devices can operate autonomously through the device's menu. In addition, they can be connected via WiFi or Ethernet cable, which allows them to be connected to the software and get more out of them, even using them as an IP video surveillance camera connected to a recorder and having the functionality to record 24/7.

In the latest firmware version, the customised presence timeouts stand out. This function can be activated in the equipment and you can choose between Entry, Exit, two personalised breaks and an Extra register for specific cases. All of this can be uploaded to the software, which will provide reports of daily and monthly hours worked and the breaks taken by users, which can be subtracted or not from the working day. This makes it one of the most versatile facial recognition systems on the market for time and attendance control.

pantalla táctil safire

These devices are usually accompanied by a touch screen that allows you to navigate through the equipment in the administrator menu, as well as to select on the screen the rest that we are going to carry out. They are also accompanied by the identification of the mask and helmet, which completes the functionalities of the equipment.

In conclusion, Visiotech offers this facial recognition equipment with all the aforementioned functionalities and, as always, at an unbeatable price.