Use TrueSense cameras and recorders with Artificial Intelligence, as if they were outdoor detectors from Ajax.

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Anti-intrusion systems

A security system based on anti-intrusion, has as its main function control, detection and warning. When an intrusion occurs, the system generates an acoustic signal in the home, business or premises as a deterrent for the intruder, in addition to sending a signal to the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC).

It is important to complement the anti-intrusion system with security cameras to prevent and provide additional information on the events in in case of theft. Security cameras must allow real-time viewing, so that the company in charge of monitoring the installation can provide support.

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Safire as an anti-intrusion system

SAFIRE has recently included a large number of artificial intelligence devices that can be used as anti-intrusion equipment. This artificial intelligence, known as TrueSense, makes it possible to detect humans and / or vehicles by discriminating against other false alarms that may occur at the scene. SAFIRE's TrueSense technology is ideal to be used in combination with anti-intrusion systems such as AJAX, being used as intelligent outdoor detectors, detecting only the chosen target (human and / or vehicle) and thus optimizing the installation of your home, business or facility.

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Integration of arming / disarming safire with AJAX

SAFIRE incorporates a new function in its entire range of recorders known as arm / disarm. This function allows arming or disarming the entire video system connected to the recorder, by acting on the alarm input 1 of the recorder. This operation allows us in our AJAX system to use the AJ-RELAY through an intelligent scenario that changes state depending on the arming or disarming of the AJAX system, leaving both systems fully integrated under the same control.

The configuration of the alarm input 1 of the recorder, consists of selecting the "DISARMED IN ONE CLICK" method and later we will select the alarm linking modes that the system should stop notifying (Audible warning, Remote center notification, full screen, sending email, ...). In this case, for the system to stop notifying the smartphone application, it would be enough to select the "Notify remote center".

sistema antiintrusión safire

APP management and notifications

The integration of this new function in SAFIRE recorders using an AJAX system, will allow us to take control of the entire system as a whole from the AJAX application itself. The complete SAFIRE application, Safire Connect, will allow us to manage the part related to the video, such as receiving the alarm event produced by an intrusion, viewing a capture and a video clip of the event.

sistema antiintrusión safire