Video intercoms evolved a lot in recent years, it is increasingly common to find video intercoms with internet connection, which are able to send calls to mobile devices and from these you can operate the opening, bidirectional audio or video display.

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A large part of the video intercom market is the replacement of old video intercoms, so it has been necessary to adapt to the qualities of the cables that were already pre-installed in the old installations, which usually use 4-wire, 6-wire, 8-wire or coaxial cables.

For this reason, there are currently various types of video intercom power supplies and communications, with the aim of adapting to any type of installation, whether new or as a replacement:

  • IP technology with PoE: These devices communicate via a network cable, just like a conventional PC. In addition, thanks to Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology, they are also able to be powered through this cable. This means that, by connecting the video intercom to a router, they can be connected to the Internet and have a mobile application. In addition, as they are IP, there are a large number of monitors, some of them Android, which allow the installation of applications and even the connection of video surveillance cameras.
  • IP technology with WiFi: They are exactly the same as the previous ones with the addition of a WiFi module integrated in the monitors, thus overcoming the handicap that exists in many communities to agreeing to a contract of an internet service for the community itself. Each user would connect their monitor to the WiFi of their own home.
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  • Analogue (2-wire and 4-wire systems): This is the most common one, the majority of installations have this type of video intercom, the newer ones have 2-wire systems and are the ones that are usually replaced by new technologies. In the coming years, newer technologies will be replaced.
  • Analogue with WiFi: This is the analogue video intercom, with the difference that the monitor integrates a WiFi module that each user connects to their home, thanks to this it provides internet access to the video intercom. As it is an analogue system, there is a longer delay when sending calls to mobile devices.
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  • IP-based 2-wire systems: These are video intercoms that work in the same way as the classic analogue ones and then use 2-wire to IP converters, which are used to provide them with an internet connection. Therefore, they allow old installations to be recycled and integrate the same characteristics as those of IP technology in the video intercoms, added to their ease of installation, making them one of the most popular systems at present.

It is a reality that there are more and more homes with connected video intercoms. For new single-family homes, IP video intercom kits are usually installed and for homes with existing installations, 2-wire systems based on IP. This allows you to control the video intercom from the App and also have control over the security system.

As for apartment buildings and flats, more and more video intercoms are being installed with IP technologies based on WiFi for new installations, thus avoiding the need to contract internet services for the housing community. As well as in flats that want to replace their old telephones with 2-wire systems based on IP or Analogue with WiFi.

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Every day there are more and more businesses that have video intercoms, and these are the most demanding in terms of connectivity. Having an App that can receive calls and attend to customers when the business is closed and not miss those opportunities due to the timetable is becoming very common. In addition to being able to control the installed video surveillance cameras from the same App

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At Visiotech, we have a wide variety of video intercom products, both panels and monitors with all available technologies, both in IP with standard PoE and in 2-wire for solutions for single-family homes, appartments or businesses, with remote connection of the App that allows push notifications for calls, visualisation and bidirectional audio together with the opening of the door.