Fire prevention systems are a very important aspect of safety, since the main objective is to protect people from a possible fire, so it is essential to act quickly and accurately.


In this regard, the European manufacturer of fire protection systems, DMTech, is one of the manufacturers with the most innovative systems in conventional fire detection, providing very interesting functions that allow the detection system to be improved, providing extra security, all at a very competitive price, allowing it to reach all types of installations, both in terms of features and accessibility.

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Among its innovations and improvements is the automatic detection of the end-of-line resistance value with values between 2KΩ and 9KΩ, allowing its use in existing installations without the resistance already installed being a problem.

It also has a wide catalogue of accessories that is able to adapt to the needs of each installation, such as the special high base for exposed tube installations, manual buttons of all types or the relay output modules from 2 to 8 zones, with a very simple connection to the fire panel and perfectly integrated within the panel, obtaining power and communication through the module's communication band.

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Another important innovation is the ability to connect up to 8 stations within an RS485 network, allowing conventional installations of a much larger size to be carried out, but above all providing security to the fire protection system by segmenting the areas more completely and, in the event of a possible loss of a panel due to it ceasing to function, the entire fire protection system would not be disabled, continuing to provide security for both people and objects being protected, as well as being able to offer a better maintenance or repair system for the fire installations, with the entire fire protection system controlled from a single location. The connection by RS485 is made through 2 wires and the communication module, leaving everything integrated inside the panel so that it is not necessary to add more devices such as a feeder or an extra box for its installation.

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Finally, to easily manage the entire system and its accessories, the DMTech fire and extinguishing panels have a complete and independent parameter setting capability for each fire zone. All this ensures that installations are considerably easier, more complete, and more user-friendly.