Some of the preventive measures announced by the governments of different countries to start with the decontamination plan have been the control of capacity and counting of people in terraces, establishments, and businesses. For this reason, Visiotech presents its range of products based on people counting to control capacities.

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It is mainly based on a type of system, capable of checking people who have entered or left a certain place. As a potential advantage, we could update the data in real time, and thus be able to have a more effective control, even facilitating the integration with a system of controlling capacities.

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Usually this type of system is more demanded by the Retail sector, which is mostly used to carry out a study with a statistical character to analyze the affluence of a certain commerce along a day, week, month or even annually. Currently, given the circumstances caused by COVID-19 and the different phases of escalation established by the governments of most countries on the planet, this type of equipment is a key element in dealing with this situation.

Visiotech, a leading European security company, has a wide range of products that can be used for people counting, people counting cameras, access control, and facial recognition equipment.


As the main element for counting people, we can think of the installation of cameras designed for this purpose. These cameras have an intelligent algorithm that can detect a person within an area and identify the direction of it, thus counting both inputs and outputs in an access to a particular place. Also, the technology based on the double lens will allow differences between height limits.

The great potential of facial recognition equipment can be used as a people counting system. These equipments are capable of providing information about the people who have been able to enter or leave a certain place, even differentiating when a person has accessed the premises a second time, showing only a single record of the same person. Similarly, with the help of our customized software application Safire Link, the purpose of use can be modified or designed regarding these devices as people counting systems.

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A people-counting system can help you evaluate the results that certain campaigns have had and assess the actions you can take afterwards. To do this, our teams generate several statistical reports that can be fully parameterized by our software application Safire Link. This application will be able to offer you great versatility in exporting results whether they are daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. You will be able to view them in different types of formats, both visually and in data table files.

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Capacity control is becoming a necessity given the current circumstances in most countries. Visiotech, thanks to its R&D department, offers a solution based on a capacity control totally adapted to any need and business, facing this situation.

To complete a whole system of counting people, there are certain locations where it is also required to have a control of the real-time capacity to which a certain location is being exposed to. Given the circumstances, we can even find several accesses to our installation that also require integration with various cameras or devices for counting people. Visiotech has the solution to this thanks to the development of its Safire Link platform. This platform can be installed both on a server and on a PC, centralizing different people counting devices, showing a totally customizable interface of the real time capacity of the premises or shop where the deployment has been carried out.

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In the same way as mentioned above, Safire Link has the potential to be fully customizable for the end user, including logos, different functionalities, or reports, fully adapted to the client's needs.