Visiotech presents new access control devices with fever and mask detection. These devices with biometrics such as facial recognition, which ensures a safe detection distance, can detect if a person is having a fever and can be programmed to require the use of a mask before granting access.

cámaras termográficas con medición de temperatura

There are two different temperature measurement technologies that usually equip the access control devices: Thermopile temperature detection technology and thermal imaging with artificial intelligence.

The thermopile technology gives a fever detection accuracy of ± 0.3°C. This accuracy is considered very precise and similar to the one of conventional body temperature thermometers. The temperature can normally be measured at a distance between 30 cm and 60 cm in conventional sensors. However, with higher quality sensors a distance of up to 80 cm can be reached, which makes them ideal for ensuring a safe distance and integrating them with the dual-sensor face recognition technologies already on the market.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

Due to the current sanitary emergency and the need of being able to measure the temperature without having physical contact, one of the most requested thermopile sensors right now is the Heimann sensor. This well-known sensor has a resolution of 80x64 pixels, is based on a set of sensors placed in parallel and offers a sensitivity and an outstanding NETD turning it into one of the best sensors of fever detection in the market at the moment.

The extraordinary situation of the coronavirus has come at a time when access control terminals with facial recognition biometrics are starting to be more and more developed and a reliable, fast and secure solution for access control. And the increased supply of facial recognition sensors have lowered the price of facial devices.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

Nevertheless, many manufacturers of facial recognition have had to adapt to the current circumstances, updating their algorithms to the current need of people wearing masks. Therefore, they have had to adapt the facial recognition algorithm in two aspects.

  • Recognize whether or not the person is wearing a mask, to ensure that in places where mask use is mandatory, you won’t be able to pass, if you’re not wearing a mask.
  • Reducing the facial recognition to the top of the face, when the rest is covered by a mask. This has been the most complicated thing for the companies that develop these algorithms. They have had to work hard to ensure safe verification with only half of the points that their algorithms apply, without losing the security of the verification.

On this last point, one of the most well recognized companies in the world of artificial intelligence Sensetime stands out. They have been the first to be able to adapt to this new need with their DFI (Disguised Face Identification) technology, which has led the world of facial recognition to a true revolution for all manufacturers.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

Visiotech offers different solutions adapting to the different needs in the market. The ZKTeco stand alone facial access controls with facial recognition and palm detection and the stand-alone facial access controls with fever and mask detection. These devices are composed of a Heimann thermopile thermal sensor, so they have an optimal accuracy of ± 0.3°C and can measure body temperature at a maximum distance of 80 centimeters.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

The stand-alone access controls are configured to be one of the most complete thermographic devices on the market, with a Sensetime algorithm and different authentication methods that will be able to adapt to any type of installation:

  • Authentication by double sensor facial recognition
  • Authentication by facial recognition and temperature detection
  • Temperature or fever detection and mask verification

In these devices it is completely optional to put a restriction of having to wear a mask in any of the identification modes.

These access control terminals with fever detection are configurable through a web browser, introducing the IP of the device and being able to configure all the parameters of facial recognition, lighting for proper operation at night and the actions to be taken, whether the result of the verification is correct, or if it detects fever.

They come with a very intuitive monitoring software, sVMS2000, for Windows that allows the visualization of the registrations generated by the devices, making a log of the people who have entered, time, body temperature, if they had a fever and of course if they were wearing a mask or not. These reports can be exported to an Excel sheet.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

Besides facial recognition ZKTeco’s high quality terminals also includes palm recognition. Both without any kind of contact between the user and the device.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

These terminals are the well-known PROFACE and SPEEDFACE that have been added a thermopile sensor giving them a temperature measuring accuracy of ± 0.3°C at a maximum distance of 50 cm. The PROFACE terminal also comes in a version adapted for turnstiles.

ZKTeco is the most versatile manufacturer when it comes to software. Their terminals work with the newly released ZKBioAccess software, which replaces the ZKAccess 3.5 and can be provided in 5-, 10- and 25-port licenses. It is a complete software for implementing complete access control with time restricted user groups and is compatible with your usual access control devices such as C3 or inBio controllers.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

The PROFACE terminal is compatible with the ZKBioSecurity project software, which belongs to the manufacturer's top range, GreenLabel. This software works with a Server/Browser structure being compatible with multi-site systems and the most complex access control installations, performing Global Antipassback, Locks and Linkage, which are fully compatible with their access control terminals with fever detection.

These systems can be used to protect any type of establishment. Right now they are being installed in establishments such as pharmacies, clinics or emergency centers, but they can be installed in any place where you need to verify if the person has a fever and/or is wearing a mask before allowing them to enter.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

For places that already have an access control system, they can be integrated into your current system. This for instance goes for places with turnstiles and an identification system, such as gyms, subway stations, office entrances, public buildings etc. These terminals will be able to integrate with your relay outputs and perform fever detection and mask verification.

Visiotech offers solutions that adapt to all the needs that have arisen due to the health emergency caused by coronavirus, protecting stores, office buildings, factories and warehouses with an access control with fever screening detection and verifying whether or not the person is wearing a mask. Visiotech also offers a wide range of accessories that you need for your installation such as locks, intercoms, push buttons, cables etc. Visiotech is the largest distributor of thermographic access control products with mask verification that will help you to protect your customers and employees.